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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ninaithu Ninaithu

Hi everyone! This is another song I sang (it is without music). I sang it just on impulse, although I wanted to do this song for a long time now. Exam stress really pushes one to do unusual stuff!

Movie Name: 7G Rainbow Colony
Song Title: Ninaithu Ninaithu
Original Singer: The wonderful Shreya Goshal!!

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You can download it here too.

Hey stay tuned to a surprise news!! It's not confirmed yet, but I will let you all know soon;P


Holmes said...

Hi, lavender gal this is dkv along wid' ma fren' Revanth .We've listened your song.Coool.......... ha "what a voice she has" commented Revanth.

Anonymous said...

my god.. priya what r u doing in lf sc? u shud be tk up singing as proffesion! ene koral ma...isk! isk! jealous! haha

Angel =P said...

sorry... that comment abve was my ur angelic Chanchal who was mesmerised by ur voice till forgot to add nickname. =D

Priya said...

Thanks a lot Chanchal!! And there there!! No need to e jealous.. I have my times of good voice and times of bad voice. Ippo antha paatta paadinathu aprom enakku thonda kattiduchu;P Haha.

Comments from guys like you (Holmes and Chanchal) are what keep my fuel going!! Thanks again guys:)

sk said...

Amazing stuff!! Simply out of words!! ;)

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