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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Song in 2008

Hi everyone! Haha. Once in a while I get the mood to sing some songs and for the new year I wanted to sing Katrin Mozhi. SO you can probably guess my mindset when new year was approaching. I sang this song in 2008! Not in 2007! ;P Hope you guys like it... Give me your honest comments.

Song name: Katrin Mozhi
Album: Mozhi
Original singer: Sujatha

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Sathiyan said...

Good attempt Priya. The tempo could have been better. Happy New year !!

sk said...

Well, i think this wasnt really up to the standards that you previously set. prolly u chose a very difficult song! awaiting more!

kongutamizh said...

umm,a good attempt,happy new year,as said by some one else,check on the tempo,and a variation in pitch would have done good,i guess.some where,ur voice goes squeaky..

Holmes said...

well, it was good but it did'nt attain the heights as before ones..How ever the song was typical. It was a fine attempt

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