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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vishwaroopam - Advitiiya Anubhavam

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Since the day I heard about Vishwaroopam, I wasn't that keen in watching this movie, to be honest! I found Kamal too obnoxious a person, and so I didn't find the interest in me to go watch this movie in the theatres. At the most, I just wanted to watch it when it came online in a clear, dvd print. 

Oh boy, was I wrong! Not about Kamal being obnoxious! He always is a show-off, know-it-all! But that is what's interesting about him. If he wasn't like that, then he wouldn't be Kamal Haasan, right? 

I was wrong about the movie, though. Obviously, there is something about this movie that made such a big hoo-ha amongst the people of Tamil Nadu, especially the Muslim community. Not only did it become a law and order problem, but it also became an issue in which politics stepped in as well! 

Does a work of art need to suffer so much just because it "hurts" the sentiments of a certain group of people? All the movie did was show what was happening in reality! And that too not some incident happening in Tamil Nadu, but in Afghanistan!! 

How could people come to the conclusion that they have the power to ban a movie, that too, a work of art? There are so many things that are worth banning! How about banning human trafficking? Drug trafficking? Pollution? Nobody comes forward to protest for banning such things. Nobody lodges a petition in the High Court for banning such things. But they do for a mere movie! 

Are these people ashamed of their faith? What is the need to get on the defensive, if they are true Muslims? The movie was screened in Canada, nothing happened there. The movie was screened in Kerala, nothing there either. When the movie screened in Hyderabad, which has a significant amount of Muslim population, but nothing happened there either!!

The Hindi movie, Kurbaan (Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, 2009 film), also contained similar references to the Muslim faith, terrorism, suicide bombing, etc. Although it was a flop, the movie did not face any opposition from the Muslim community except for the fact that a Muslim petitioned in the High Court of Bombay for obscenity in two of the songs in Kurbaan. 

Thuppaki was another movie that had its throat under the knife! The Muslim community didn't like the idea of having Muslims portrayed as terrorist and traitors. But isn't that already happening around the globe, with a very small percentage of the Muslims? Why do they have to take it personally?

I have now seen Vishwaroopam. Although they have censored a few scenes from the movie, I still think that people, especially the Muslims, haven't really understood the message of the movie. The people have failed to take a good look at the protagonist of the movie, who is also of a Muslim descent but from India, risking his life to save countless innocent people of America! 

Kamal has shown that a true Indian Muslim is a person who is true to his faith and also true to his country, through this movie. 

All religions in this world have two faces. One that we are all proud of. Another that we all either refuse to accept or deny its existence. In Hinduism, we are proud of everything except the age-old practice of casteism, and any other practices that deny the equality between a man and a woman. In Islam, although the scripture says a lot of good things that the Muslims are proud of, terrorism and killing innocent people in the name of God is something they have to be ashamed of. 

I neither like this movie, nor do I dislike it. I simply wanted to contribute my share of $15 to watch this work of art, instead of choosing to watch it online. This is my form of silent protest against the Muslim protestors and the Amma's TN government who are against this movie being released.

(PS: The word advitiiya means 'unique' and anubhavam means 'experience'. I used Sanskrit words just because the title of this film is also a Sanskrit word.)


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