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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dedicated to Nirbhaya - Delhi Gang-Rape

Amanat... Daamini... Nirbhaya... 

Everyone is talking about the braveheart of India...

She is not the only Nirbhaya. There are millions of Nirbhayas living in India and all over the world, whose voices were not heard or not at all made available to those of us who read the news and have access to social media sites. My heart goes out to all the girls and young children who have suffered at the hands of barbarians. As a woman, I am proud and as a human being, I am utterly ashamed.

Women are continuously told to behave properly. They are always criticised for wearing inappropriate outfits. Curfews are imposed on women for their "safety". But NOBODY disciplines and punishes the men for their inappropriate behaviour. Instead, they are given all the freedom that has been denied for women. Half the population of this world roam freely and yet the other half of the population live in fear.

(This image is not owned by me.)

There is no point in blaming the society, the system, the men, the women, and what not! Everybody is at fault here. Yes, even the mothers who blindly support their dear sons and for having raised them in such a manner, instilling no respect for women in them... Yes, even mothers are to be blamed. 

I have no words to describe the hurt and disgust I feel after this event. Many events have occurred, which have been even more brutal than this one! It took me a long time to get over this event and now although I feel alright, I hope that more can be done to ensure women's safety in India. It's high time we wake up and put a stop to this. No matter whoever you are who is reading this, I beg you to please treat both men and women equally! We are all humans! Just because we women look different from the men doesn't mean we are from a totally different planet! 

I am utterly crushed by this event, and yet I also have never felt more rebellious in my feministic views!


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