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Friday, October 30, 2009

My attempt after a long time :)

I love this song so so much! Finally I get to sing it :) Hope you like it....

Song: Pudhu Vellai Mazhai
Movie: Roja

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trust me...

It's amazing how people have different sides to their faces. I've never truly realized it. But now to think through it, I think people would be surprised or shocked to know some of my other faces! ;)

It is natural that people have certain tendencies at certain times. Everyone has their dark sides, be it their laziness, their aggressive nature, stupid stress-relieving methods, moodiness, etc. Nobody is perfect. Like for example, nobody knows me to have ever been grumpy and moody at times, but my friends never get to see such a side of me, maybe only my family members. Even if I am grumpy or moody I would not show it to my friends.

But we can only be truly ourselves with someone who we truly feel comfortable with. Sometimes we only show our true colours in front of our enemies, if we have any. Maybe our enemy knows us better than our loved ones!

What am I trying to say from all my ramblings? Its just that, no matter what our friends/loved ones have done in their past due to their "certain tendencies", does not matter when they finally share it with us. It shows that they trust us with their "dark side" being revealed to us. That is all that matters. Judging people based on what they have done in the past doesn't always work. Sometimes we have to have the courage to put forth our trust into them.

I've come to the point where I can take in any shock people throw at me. Or maybe not entirely. Let's wait for what's in store for me in life. ;)
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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Thanks for making me feel miserable again.

Thanks for hurting me so much.

Thanks to you for making me realize never to trust anyone ever again.

Thanks to you for making me emotionally stronger.

Thanks to you for talking bad about me behind my back and making me feel guilty for having ever cared for you so much.

I am so indebted to you for many things you've done to me.

Thanks for everything!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long time no see my blog!

Its been such a long long time since I've written anything in my blog. And now it is simply too late, because there are so many things to write! So many overwhelming emotions bubbling inside of me. And I do want to let it all out... But what to say in a public blog? What can I say? My parents are already monitoring me, kinda... Haha.

But I would say this... I'm very happy at this moment in my life. I have really great friends, with whom I can share anything without any inhibitions. Developing friendships with some new people has given me a different outlook in life. Emotions previously suppressed are let free. So I feel happy :)

I know this happiness wouldn't last for long. But that doesn't and shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the moment that is present right now. Happiness, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, all won't last forever. Ultimately, I have nothing to be unhappy about because I have a loving family, a healthy body, studying very well, happy with my friends. What else more do I want? :)

Just some thoughts running in my mind and hope things turn out well... :)
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