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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Last Night in Singapore for this year

The title might seem like as though it is some Last Supper thing. But it is nothing like that at all. It is just that, for the first time in my life, I am leaving my family for a long period of time and going overseas. It is a totally mixed experience of both sadness and the pending happiness and excitement. 

I expect to be coming back for vacation only next year, therefore, the title is as such. Because tomorrow night I will be flying aboard A380 somewhere over the Indian ocean. Sadness sets in when the feeling of a loss of physical presence of my loved ones sets in. Although I know that I will still be communicating with them over phone or skype, I feel sad because it is not the same as talking to my mum or dad or sis in person. 

However, this sadness will last only for a while, until I set foot in Australia. Home sickness will be there. But I hope the excitement will soon take over. 

Today was really memorable because the experience I had when I went to the Sithi Vinayagar Temple today was ecstatic. The moment I entered the Temple, I was so overwhelmed with feelings suddenly and tears were pouring out of my eyes non-stop! I don't know why I had such an experience. Maybe it was because I felt the presence of God and His assurance that He will be there for me always. I was very happy after that. It was The best prayer I ever had in a Temple environment! I will take it as a blessing offered to me by the God.

I will keep blogging, I hope. For friends who will be missing me, and who will also be missed a lot, I will always keep in touch online. My online presence will always be there no matter where I am in this world :)

Bye and Wish Me Luck Dear Friends!! :) Sydney... Here I come :)
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saying goodbye is tough

Parting from family and friends is difficult. Its going to be a very tough two weeks for me as I say goodbyes to people near and dear to me. Granted that I will come back after six months, it still feels really hard to say goodbye. There is this gnawing feeling deep in my heart that things are changing and will never be the same again. 

Saying goodbye has also taught me how much I have taken my friends and family for granted. For the past 24 years they were with me, I never once longed for them. But now when I think of parting away from them, it really makes me realize this truth. It also makes me feel a little handicapped. I hope I can say a proper goodbye and after all, I'll be back in January... :)
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Macquarie University - Flying in July :)

The more I get to know about Macquarie University and Sydney, the more I am excited about going to Australia! It is simply amazing that such a dramatic change is happening in my life at this point of time. Two months ago, I was nowhere in life. Now I am at least somewhere. I am glad I am not undecided about my future, and that is a feeling I don't want anyone to feel. It is the most confusing point of time in your life, that moment when you simply don't know what to do in your life. But the moment you come out of this feeling and face the world with a hard-built conviction to follow a particular path you like very much, that is the moment you don't want to forget. 

I am glad to have chosen Macquarie University. It is an amazing place and a pretty good university in Australia (ranked 9th). Its business faculty is way better than the one in University of Sydney. I got offers from both the universities but I chose Macquarie because of this reason alone. Also because of the cost, USYD was charging way too much for the tuition fees. Macquarie was okay for us.

After the offer arrived from MQ, everything else happened very quickly. I got my student visa within a week. I got my accommodation too within a week. That was real fast actually. This is cool... I feel very excited to go to Sydney. From what I saw on google map, it looks like an amazing place, calm and full of greenery. The climate too is not really extreme, it is a temperate climate. But I heard that July is its coldest month. And that is another thing about Australia. Their summer is December to February actually...

This is what my room might look like (but I will post actual pictures once I reach Sydney).

Amazing right? I got the East side apartment in the Macquarie University Village. I might be checking in there on the 20th or 21st of July. That means I will be leaving Singapore on the 19th of July. The prospect of leaving my family and everything else dear to me is daunting. But at the same time, the thought and the possibility of coming back to Singapore next year in January for a month is comforting. Not to mention the technology that has shrunk the world. My best friend in Sydney is going to be Skype...

04/07/2012 - Updates:

An anonymous commentor wanted to see pics of the East side hourses. Therefore, I want to post those pics here: 


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