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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear friend, I miss you!

Sitting near my window in my room, with a cup of milo in my hand, my mind just whirled back to the past. Wondering why he hasn't mailed... Wondering why he hasn't smsed... Wondering why he hasn't made any efforts to keep in touch... Since the time he had left to go back home.

It was such a wonderful friendship. I've never felt this close or this free with any guy before. And when I finally start to make a connection, I feel it slipping away from my hands...

I keep wondering how did this friendship form. I keep wondering if it would still be the same as before after he comes back.

I only hope it will last for a long time. 'Cos my friend, I miss you so much!


Sathej said...

Am just going through exactly the same thing now! Can soooo relate! Hmm..indeed it feels so lonely at such times. Anyway, here are some wishes that the touch with the friend gets back again soon!


PS : Infact, was about to comment on your next post. But then saw this and can only think of this for now - got caught in the mood! Shall comment on the next later :)

Priya said...

Sigh... I understand. Thanks for the wishes! I hope too he will reply. He used to email/sms/call quite frequently in the past. But this past month, he hasn't done anything to keep in touch.

I too wish your friend gets back to you soon... Don't worry, she will.


Sathej said...



Unknown said...

Hi Priya, I was about to email u yesterday but was a bit how have u been? your comment is so touching and I am feeling guilty...... But Priya I will be coming back to Singapore hope to meet u soon maybe next week? Apologies for not keeping in touch Ok........ See ya soon

Priya said...

Dinesh! No need to feel guilty... Even I didn't mail you at all, and I think it is quite unfair to expect you to take the initiative always. So I too apologise! It is so nice to hear from you!! :)

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