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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Akkam Pakkam...

Hi. This recoring turned out so well for me. But unfortunately, the echo was really getting way out of hand and does not suit the song. But pls bear with while you listen. I don’t know how to correct the mistake and let it be that way. Thanks for listening:)

Song: Akkam Pakkam
Film: Kreedom
Original Singer: Sadhana Sargam

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The drosophila genetics lab was really informative and exciting, highlighting on a lot of information on clinical research methodology. I have put here some pictures of the drosophila flies. The one with a lot of flies is the one with the wildtype genome. The other is a mutant, which has curly vestigal wings. I got to see mutant flies with wrinkled wings, dumpy wings and so on. The male and female flies were also clearly spotted. The male is usually small and has only three black stripes at the tips. Whereas the female is larger and has more than three black stripes. Pretty interesting characteristics! And the flies are not dead here, they were only paralyzed. I hope the process was reversible! Gosh, so poor things... They look so cute under the microscope. But the hairy body looks so gross!

My attempt at becoming a vegetarian is turning out to be successful! So far, its only been less than a week, but I'm already feeling its not so difficult afterall. I now feel really happy at being a vegetarian and showing my love towards animals, I don't feel guilty anymore. I guess it only works when you really feel for it. I love animals but I'm not showing this in action, in my everyday life. I'm being a contradiction onto myself if I am a non-vegetarian.
But at the same time, I should ensure that I don't feel a complex and look down on people eating meat. This is bad, and I feel most of the vegetarians are like this. There will be a time in some people's lives when they realise and become aware of the cruelty they indirectly inflict on animals, just for the sake of those few seconds of taste.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

long time no see...

Sadly it has been a very very long time since I last posted a proper post. So many things happening in my life to put them all down in a single post, is doing injustice to it. So let's see... Where did I leave? Hmm...

1) Joined NUS, doing Life Sciences first semester... Having fun learning new things.
2) Joined SPS, Special Programme in Science... Very interesting.
3) Joined NUS Hindu Society, love the CCA... Going to volunteer in Theemithi soon.
4) Become an official committee member of HS aka Hindu Society as of 4th October ;)
5) Flunked two of my tests and did quite well in one...
6) Have made many friends... girlfriends and boyfriends ;)
7) Got a new anna in NUS, sweet, affectionate, funny fella... (dei itha nee padichittu irunthaa... enkitte sollu ok?)

Enough info and updates on my life? Haha... A lot more happening but its not prudent to reveal anything as of now. Am I simply showing off that my life is so "happening"? Am I creating this post especially for "someone" to take notice of my life? Am I? Haha... NO! Who would want to think that? This is for those of my friends who missed me during my absence from the blogosphere. I know who they are. And the traffic to my blog is slowly decreasing as far as I can decipher. But today I suddenly got the urge to post something new. I guess I feel very free today.

I'm experiencing a growing interest in hinduism. I don't know why this is suddenly happening to me. But I'm realising a lot about hinduism that I have not taken notice at before. I've never before realised that there is actually a lot more to hinduism than what I see in India. It is the same old phrase that comes in my mind when talking about hinduism: "Hinduism is not a religion, its a way of life" But who follows this nowadays?

There are lots of misconceptions about hinduism nowadays that can only be cleared with a good first-hand knowledge of the scriptures. Or you should have a good guru. Therefore I have taken up Hindu Society in my University to learn more about hinduism and find friends with similar interests. It is really interesting to find more about all the Gems in hinduism.

Being busy is actually taking a toll on me. I have never been so neglectful of my friends, family and myself. Why do Singaporeans lead such a hectic life, I don't understand. The Neeya Naana (You or Me) show between the early risers and late risers was very informative. It seems to be a simple topic of discussion, but it brought up a lot of issues. The problem in Singapore is that everything starts very early in the morning. Schools start at 7am, office at 8-9am, and they end in the evening only. My JC life was like that. I start sch at 7-7.30am and end at 4.30pm or sometimes later than that due to extra-curricular activites.

Thus, we are forced to wake up early in the morning. All this because of a myth that it is generally good do things very early in the morning. Well, this is true if you sleep early at night. First of all you will be able to wake up early and experience the benefits of the morning fresh air and young sun. But going back home at 4.30-6pm, you don't even have enough time to study and sit and talk with your family. You end up sleeping late and the next day you wake up tired. After this, it'll become a vicious cycle. Thus, the benefis of morning are not fully received. Therefore it is a myth. More sleep is not a problem at all, but less sleep is.

There is a society in Britain against the early risers, demanding the office hours to be changed. How sweet is that? Wouldn't it be heaven if offices start late? But it would be even better if they end early. Any way, sufficient sleep is good for health. More than you might think so. Of course you can go without sleep for many days, if you do yoga in a proper way or something. Otherwise you definitely need sleep. A lot of things happen while you sleep. Not only does your body get rest, your brain actually sorts out the information you've taken in for that day. Sometimes if you had gone to sleep thinking about a problem, or crying your heart out over some loss, then immediately the next morning when you wake up, you would have solved the problem you went to bed with and you would have thought it silly to have cried like that. This is what they refer to when people say their mind is fresh in the morning. This has been scientifically tested and proven. And more research is being done.

I think I have spilled enough of my heart for today. Need some sleep. Luckily my lesson tmr starts only at 2 in the afternoon. So I'm planning to wake up late ;)
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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Interesting link

It has been a very long while since I updated anything. It's pretty interesting to find out the significance of numbers in hinduism. One of the commonly used numbers is 108. What is the significance? Well, I am not entirely sure if this website offers the correct vedic answers or not, but they do look good enough for me. Here it is:
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