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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm Back!

Bangalore has really changed a lot! I was totally astounded with all the new shopping malls, modern-looking youngsters and north indians. The darker side of Bangalore was like this: heavy traffic jams, noise pollution, air pollution, dust, lots of poor people on pavements and so on. Life has become easier for those living there with a comfortable income of at least 30000 rupees. People spend most of their money for food. Spendings have terribly increased.

A fair amount of money also goes into house rental fees. My cousin who moved to Bangalore with her husband after marriage is paying 6500 rupees for a house with just three small rooms. Ten years ago my parents only paid 1200 rupees for the same kind of house.

Below is the picture of the Forum mall. The theaters there are superb! Even better than Golden Village theaters here in Singapore:

However, amongst all the glam and glitter, all they do is cheating. The prices are unfairly high, just because they are sold in branded malls like Shopper's Stop and Garuda. A chocolate milk shake bought in the food court in Forum is 50 rupees ($2). Whereas, that which is bought in Nilgiri's or somewhere else is only around 16 rupees or so.

I really felt sad for all those poor children begging for money on the streets. India is a place where you can see clear class division. Whereas in Singapore you don't. It takes some time to come to a conclusion whether a girl you see on the road is rich, poor or middle class.

I honestly do not know what's wrong with grown-up men and women, some older and still capable, who beg on the streets. They look fine. They can do some other work to earn money, even if it is little. But all they do is sit or go around the street during every signal waiting and beg for money. People who give money encourage these beggars to remain lazy and retarded even more.

I have more to talk about my trips to Salem, my birthland, and Coimbatore. But I'll do so in my next post. I'm still having jet lag. Just landed in Singapore this morning.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Wtf is this?!

I really like the humourous version of this video. But in reality this is not always true. PMS doesn't occur to every women. It is quite regular in some women but not so much in others. There are also people (like me) who don't even get cramps or PMS-like symptoms. Nonetheless, it is good for men to know about PMS and its symptoms. However, this is not the instructional video for that. Just for fun...

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) test and i'm qualified as an INTP. I'll provide a brief explanation here and you can go into this site to determine your own personality type. There are 16 types of personalities. And there are 4 caegories. They are:

Extrovert vs Introvert
Sensing vs iNtuitive
Thinker vs Feeler
Judging vs Perceiving

So I identified myself as an INTP. Here is the following description for INTPs:

Rodin's Thinker is introverted. Here these thinkers ponder the apparent chaos of the world in order to extract from it the universal truths and principles that can be counted on. These principles, once extracted, will provide the logical structure on which to build strategies.

They have a finely nuanced ability to analyse situations, find root causes and foresee consequences. They distrust action taken too quickly without the necessary investigation. They are usually levelheaded, objective, impersonal yet intensely involved in problem solving. They are fiercely independent, seeking input and comments from a chosen few. When reporting to others, they need to establish credibility first: their own and that of the person they are reporting to. If the gap in knowledge and expertise is too great and their own proficiency dismissed, belittled or ignored, they will lose interest and motivation.

They are less interested in running the world as they are in understanding it. They are curious and capable of explaining complex political, economic or technological problems, taking great pleasure in explaining all the factors and intricacies. They are rigorous with their thoughts and analysis, choosing the exact words that convey precisely what is meant. They may spend a lot of time defining words, concepts and systems in order to define a problematic solution.

They are armchair detectives, scientists and philosophers, spending most of their time in quiet reflection to ponder truth, and solve mysteries. They may tend to neglect social requirements and responsibilities, finding many relationships to be too superficial to be of much interest.

Not everything that is said here is exactly true in my case. But most of them are. I don't neglect social requirements and responsibilities. I first identified myself with INFP instead of INTP. But the book that i'm reading right now, Do What You Are, explains that this is because i'm in the process of becoming a thinker rather than a feeler. So i'm somewhere in between these two personality types.

I find them very true. Discovering what kind of person you are will help greatly to discover what you want to do in your life. Sometimes this is a difficult process. But one has to do it. I have undertaken a task for fun. I have predicted the personality types for some of my friends here and if you would like to know more on whether they are true, go and check the site that i've given. Haha:)

Kasturi INFJ
Kalpana ISTJ
Sriram INFJ
Suresh ENTP
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