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Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's official! I hate smokers!


I know... It's too harsh a comment. But it's much needed! I need to get it out of my mind and let everyone know that I utterly hate people who smoke!! 

I seriously feel that smoking is a very bad habit, obviously, but at the same time it says a lot about a person and his/her attitude towards life. Even drinking doesn't seem that bad because it only affects you. But smoking not only affects you, but it also harms those around you, especially those who are close to you and probably mean the life to you! Why does it seem so hard to quit smoking when you know it is slowly killing the person you love the most in this world? When a smoker, imagine if he is my husband, looks at me and tells me he loves me very much, I would never believe him because if he really cares about me and loves me, he wouldn't smoke at all! It just doesn't make sense!

I am done with the excuses!! I am done with all the petty reasons given for getting hooked on smoking. It is an addiction to nicotine! That's all it is. I know it's hard to get over it. But when you have your health, your loved ones and your life on one end of the scales, you better quit to make it all balance! 

Smoking is wrong! And there can be no excuse to carry on with that habit! That is why I hate smokers... Does that mean I hate my friends who smoke? I hate my uncles who smoke? Yes!! I don't hate my friend, but I hate my friend who smokes! He/She has to know that I hate it! I don't want to be quiet and allow them to ruin their lives! Letting them know that I hate their habit is one way of making them feel that they should quit. It is called tough love and sometimes they deserve it! If more people come out openly and tell them how much they hate to see them being slowly killed/poisoned, then the quitting process might not be as hard as they think it would be!
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