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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of year 2009! Welcome 2010!

Wow... I can't believe that already a year has passed by. And what a wonderful year it has been! I am no longer the same person I was in the beginning of this year. This year has helped me mature a lot. There are certain things I cannot share publicly. But my close friends know when I say that a lot of things that happened in my life has made me mature a little further. Of course, I still haven't tasted the full reality of this world yet. Because I'm still a student. But at least I got an idea of what's out there...

I started my Diploma in Hinduism Teaching this year. And God, has it been wonderful! There were so many things I've learned this year! It has been a life-altering decision to take up this Diploma, and I'm thankful to God for opening up this door for me. I feel like I am continuing on a journey I left unfinished in my previous births...

The most wonderful thing about the second half of th
is year is the strengthening of the friendship bond. Lots of "going out" with friends, lots of "spending time together", and I simply love it! Life is just all about simple and beautiful things. Its us who make it all complicated by thinking too much. One good lesson I've learned this year!

I made two new friends this year! Praga and Dinesh!! :) I only wish this friendship will continue... Al
though now both are in Malaysia. I miss them!! I realise this year, I've made quite a number of friends, and most or all of them are from Malaysia!! Haha...

Studies keep going up and down, but my quest for Honours is still on-going. This semester my grades went down a little, but there is still a little hope next semester. This brings down to what I can expect to happen next year. Either I will graduate in May/June and join the workforce, or I will get better grades and proceed on with Honours year, graduating in 2011. Any way at all, next year's going to be another t
urning point for me.

No matter what, I'm so thankful to my family
, friends and God that everything is going on fine! :) Thanks a lot dear friends, who have made this year a wonderful one for me! And even for a few of those who have given me unpleasant/depressing moments in my life, thanks for helping me to grow (over you)! Thanks dears! :)

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A telugu song I like this time...

Name: Ne Tolisariga
Movie Name: Santosham
Original Singer: Usha

Ne tolisariga - by...


nE tolisaariga kalagannadi ninnE kadaa
naa kaLLeduruga nilichunnadi nuvvE kadaa
swapnama nuvvu satyama telichi cheppave priyatamaa
mounamO madhura gaanamO tanadi aDagave hRudayamaa
intalO chEruvai antalO dooramai andavaa snEhamaa

rekkalu toDigina talapunuvE kaada nEstamaa
ekkaDa vaalanu cheppunuvE sahavaasamaa
haddulu cheripina cheliminuvai naDipE deepama
vaddaku raakani aapakila anuraagama
naDakalu nErpina aaSevu kada
taDapaDa neeyaku kadilina kadha
vetikE manasuku mamatE panchumaa

prEma neetO parichayamE edO paapama
amRutamanukoni nammaTamE oka Saapama
nee oDi cherina prati madiki baadhE phalitamaa
teeyani ruchigala kaTika visham nuvvE sumaa
pedavula pai chiru navvula daga
kanapaDa neeyavu nippula sega
neeTiki aarani manTala roopama

nee aaTeEmiTO enaaTiki aapavu kadaa
nee paaTEmiTO E janTaki choopavu kadaaa
tenchukO neevu panchukO neevu inta chalagaaTama
cheppukO neevu tappukO neevu neeku idi nyayamaa
pErulO praNayama teerulO praLayama
pantamaa bandhamaa

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I loved it :)

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loving my lab... :)

I really love my lab and my lab mates!! :) I'm so lucky indeed to have gotten such helpful people... I got my clones!! Yeay! :) Still a long way to go... But I'm so happy! :)
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So beautiful...

I Remember You
You're the one who made my dreams come true
A few kisses ago

I remember you
You're the one who said i love you too
Didn't you know

I remember too
A distant bell
And stars that fell
Like rain out of the blue

When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of them all
Then i will tell them i remember you

(George Michael's song)
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two wonderful songs

I was watching a drama series and came across some lovely songs which really touched my heart. It was really nice, but they are old english songs. I tried searching for them online on youtube and found them both in one video! It was fantastic! I feel so great about finding two the songs I was looking for in just one video!! I mean, what are odds of finding two songs you were looking for separately, in just one video? Well here it goes:

First Song: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

That certain night, the night we met,

There was magic abroad in the air,
There were angels dining at the Ritz,
And a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.

I may be right, I may be wrong,
But I`m perfectly willing to swear
That when you turned and smiled at me
A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.

The moon that lingered over London town,
Poor puzzled moon, he wore a frown.
How could he know we two were so in love?
The whole darn world seemed upside down

The streets of town were paved with stars;
It was such a romantic affair.
And, as we kissed and said `goodnight`,
A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square

I know `cos I was there,
That night in Berkeley Square.

Second Song: The Very Thought of You

The very thought of you and I forget to do
The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do
I'm living in a kind of daydream
I'm happy as a king
And foolish though it may seem
To me that's everything

The mere idea of you, the longing here for you
You'll never know how slow the moments go till I'm near to you
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love
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உனக்கோர் பேர் தான் கிடையாது
அதனால் சொல்ல முடியாது
கடலை பிடிச்சு கையில் அடக்கிடத்தெரியாது

வின்னில் போனால் நிறமாகும்
மன்னில் வந்தால் மழையாகும்
கோவில் போனால் சிலையாகும்
கோடியில் பூத்தால் மலராகும்

ஒத்த வார்த்தையில் சொல்ல சொன்னால்
உனது பேரே அழகாகும்
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love my family!

For a first time in a long time, I had a fun time with my dear family! :) It is so nice to be with them. But it also hurts to think that they cannot relate with me in terms of my new-found interests. They seem like very different people from myself, although ultimately we all belong to the same family.

Still, I love them very much! They have already been very tolerant with whatever changes I've made to my life and they have been very trusting and not so strict with me. So for that, I am grateful to have such wonderful parents.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just some pondering...

I have come across many kinds of people who range from non-believers to staunch believers. From one extreme to the other extreme. These are the people whom I have either met in person or read about in the news. It is interesting to finally meet someone who has a conception of God as being formless. I know two of my friends who think like that.

This is interesting because it is literally difficult to think of God as being formless, especially when you have a certain level of personal relationship with God. I am only now trying to understand this concept as it is difficult for me to shift from form-God to formless-God. For now in my life, I pray to God with a form because it helps me to visualize God, someone/something that is helping me create favourable situations in my life and helping me achieve my goals. It will take time for me to understand the formless and attribute-less aspect of God as it is a very high concept.

I guess people who pray to a formless God, only do so because for them it seems ridiculous to believe in Shiva, Vishnu or Ganesha. I totally understand this because these characters are fictitious. They do not really exist. However, the ideals they represent is what that should be taken note of rather than the personality itself. I have already mentioned this in a post I made in July. It's like I said. Having someone to inspire you, but it is not a person in reality, but God Himself/Herself with a form.

I guess it is nothing wrong to see God however you wish. As long as the aspects of God are still attached to the form you give to the God. Having a conception of a formless God somehow seems funny, because a formless God still has attributes like omnipresence and omniscience. Can someone pls enlighten me on how you conceive a formless God and why?
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Universal knowledge...

A very interesting passage for your reading pleasure:

What is to be done and what is not to be done, what is proper and not proper - these things you already know, of course, because you have a certain innate sense about them. No one can plead ignorance of what is right and wrong. This knowledge is universal.

What do you mean by universal knowledge? All monkeys, for example, born to live on treetops, need to know something about the law of gravity - and they do. Ifyou were to observe the mother monkey, yo would see that she has no concern about whether there is a baby holding onto her or not as she jumps from tree to tree. The baby monkey, however, holds onto its mother's bosom for its dear life. It is definitely afraid of falling, whereas the mother is not. She just keeps leaping from one branch to another, while her baby holds on tight.

Suppose, however the baby monkey had to undergo some education to know that there is a law of gravity operating, that it must hold on tightly in order not to fall, and that it if did fall, it would be injured or it would die. If all of these hings had to be taught to monkeys, many of them would die for want of education and the species itself would sooner or later become extinct.

Fortunately, every baby monkey, without being educated, seems to know what is done and what is not to be done. Without going to Harvard or Cornell, without joining the Moral Majority, it knows very well that 'I will fall if I let go of my mother.' That 'I will fall; is one piece of truth and 'if I fall, I may hurt myself' is the second piece of truth the monkey seems to know. The third piece of truth is, 'To fall and get hurt or be killed is not good forme or for my species.'

Instinctively, then, the monkey knows all this. Since monkeys are made to live on treetops, the minimum knowledge every monkey must have in order to survive is to know, 'I will fall; objects come down; I will be the victim if I don't hold on to the other branch when I leap.' This knowledge must be given to monkeys along with the creation. Only then is there any hope of a monkey living its life on the treetops.

Such knowledge is instinctive and is what we call the creation. If that knowledge is not given to a monkey and it has to be educated in order to know how to survive, then I would say that there is a defect in the creation.

Similarly, as a human being, I am born with a faculty of choice. Unlike a monkey, however, I can choose to live on treetops, on the 20th floor of a building in Manhattan, or in a cottage on some riverbank. I can choose to go to Alaska and keep only my nose out or I can live in the tropics. Because I have the faculty of choice, I can choose my course of action. I can choose various ends and various means to achieve those ends.

That human beings seek securities and pleasures is a common fact that we have already analysed. And in seeking these ends, they have to follow certain means to achieve them. More often than not, upon analysis you will find that the problems lie only in the means and not in the ends.

(For example, stealing in order to provide for the family. The end is 'providing for the family', which is not wrong. But the means, 'stealing', is wrong.)

This passage is interesting because it shows that we have a naturally in-built consensus of what is right and what is wrong.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can we be friends?

It is so damn irritating... I've had it... Finally, I want to get it out and in the open.

Why do Indian guys always go, "can we be friends"? I'm sick of hearing this again and again. You don't know me at all. And still you want to ask to be friends. I don't understand this mentality of Indian guys... Can someone please enlighten me?

Friendship should happen by itself, and it is not something you initiate. You meet a person a few times, you get to know that person slowly, and then you get to share personal thoughts with that person and get connected with them. The moment you share these personal thoughts is the defining moment when you have subconsciously accepted the other person as a friend/confidante.

Without all this happening, how can you become friends with a person you have just met and trust them with all the things you share with them? The trust on the other person is developed only in the first few times you meet that person. If so, how you become friends immediately? Just like that? Especially a friendship between a guy and a girl.

I guess their definition of friendship is different. But still, it is ridiculous, the way they ask. I would say, if your definition and their definition of friendship does not seem to match or complement each other, then forget it... Move on.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The daunting future...

Call me paranoid or anything, but seriously I am very scared about my future. Especially at this stage of my life, I am very much scared. You can call it the 'quarter-life crisis' or something.

Ten years ago, I was so naive enough to write in my diary the following words:

"Dear diary, I wonder who my future life partner would be like... I just wish he is all the things I want him to be. I don't know who he is, but I am already in love with him so much!"

The entry continues further. I wrote this when I was 11 or 12 years old, while I was still in primary school. I was such a daydreamer back then, believing so much in all the "prince-charming" nonsense... But looking at my life now, from the point where I am standing, it is really daunting.

Well, what am I really worried about here? That the guy I will one day marry will make me happy at first and then totally rip apart my heart? That this guy will cheat on me? That this guy will one day stop loving me? Not really. Yes, I am worried about all this. But I am more worried that I will stop loving him... I will never cheat on anyone, but the scary part is I losing interest in my love. This will happen to all of us. Most of us are worried that the day will come when both the man and the woman will get bored of each other. Not one ounce of love is left in the relationship, not even after the bundle of joy has come into their world to brighten it up.

This is something to be scared of that will happen after the marriage. But the most scariest of all is that I don't trust anyone at all!! I find it very hard to trust someone, because everyone has something about them that can surprise you! If this is the case, then how can my parents expect me to make the biggest decision in my life just based on trust on a guy whom I have never known before in my life (maybe known for a few months to a year)?

I am not supporting love marriage here. Hell, that is far worse than any form of arranged marriage. You are entirely on your own when it comes to love marriage, unless your parents are agreeable to your choice of partner. But in an arranged marriage, the rest of the family from both sides are with each other.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is not just the boy's and the girl's decision to tie the knot, but the guy's family's and the girl's family's decision too. I would really love to go through with it. But I leave everything in God's hands and let Him take care of everything, as I have limited control over such matters.

No matter what type of marriage it is, love or arranged, my strong opinion is to never go against parents' wishes. If your parents are looking for a guy/girl for you, then you make the final decision. On the other hand, if you choose a person as your life partner, then let your parents make the final decision. This is something I strongly believe in. And if I were to come across a guy whom I like, I will bring him to my parents first before I take any decision.

Although I wonder what their reaction would be like! Haha. I believe that my parents are open-minded and would care more about my happiness than anything else. I believe they trust that I would make a good decision in choosing my life partner. I also believe that they are reading (or will soon read) this blog post right now... ;)

Apart from all this, the fear of the future is still there. I think I would never be able to trust anyone, until unless I know them for atleast a year. I believe in taking things slow and starting with friendship. Maybe being friends first can prolong the lifetime of a happy marriage. But its totally scary man!!
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Finished-studying-and-nothing-to-do post

I've been meaning to write a post for a long long time, but have never gotten the time. I still have one more exam left to finish, then I'm free!!!!!! :) But for today, I've done studying, so got some free time to share some things I've learned today in Hindu Centre class.

Today's class was superb interesting and I have gained a lot of insight from it! Such a beneficial class I would say, that has opened up new doors of thought for me! Every Sat is the same; I always get new insights, learn about new facts of Hinduism that I never knew existed. Each time my devotion just increases, and each time I become more and more happy (not proud) to have been born as a Hindu, completely convinced that I must have done so much good deeds in my past lives! I don't see the need to be politically correct here, so you can make any inference you want from my previous sentence, because I meant what I meant.

Sharada stotram - chanting and commentary by Kathir

This part of the lesson was so interesting! I never knew that by just chanting this Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) stotram could actually mean we have worshipped the Goddess in the form of Knowledge! "Sharada" is the name given to the Goddess of Knowledge in Kashmir, which means a form depicting the season autumn. Why autumn? Because it is in the middle of two extremes; you neither experience the scorching heat, nor the shivering winter. Autumn relieves you from extremes: metaphorical meaning would be sinful deeds basically. Meaning Sharada Devi, the Goddess of Knowledge, relieves us of our sinful deeds. The whole stotram is about how knowledge is so important that it can relieve us from our sins committed in this life and our past lives.

One particular verse caught my attention:

Yaa shraddha dhaaranaa medhaa vaagdevi vidhivallabha

You are the shraddha (faith), the power of concentration (dhaaranaa) and the power of retention (medhaa). You are the divinity in speech (vaagdevi). You are the consort of Lord Brahma, the creator (vidhivallabha).

So this is basically the translation. This verse alone extols all the virtues of gaining knowledge and how wonderful it is.

Faith (Shraddha)

You need to have faith in life in everything to be able to do your daily duties and actions. You apply for a degree in a certain university, but that university will not guarantee that you will attain that degree! Nothing in life is given to you as immediate. So you need faith in yourself and it is very important to have faith in Ishwara (God) also! Faith (on the unseen and unknown) motivates you to keep going and not give up in any pursuit of your life. So if you have this faith in you, you have Saraswati in you (in the form of shraddha)!

Concentration or focus (Dhaaranaa)

Lot of us have trouble concentrating on something for a prolonged time. We easily get bored of stuff quickly and keep changing. Concentration and focus of mind is very difficult to achieve for us. We can't keep focus in lectures for long, for example. But without a one-pointed mind, we can easily lose ourselves and our motivation. When we climb a mountain for example, our faith and our ability to focus and concentrate is tested in the middle of the expedition. Oxygen levels are low, our body starts aching, and our breathing becomes difficult. At that time, the only thing that will propel us forward to reach the summit is our faith in ourselves and our focus or concentration on our end-goal. So in this stotram, you are actually praying to Sharada Devi to grant you that dhaaranaa. When that dhaaranaa is in you, you have Saraswati in you!

Medhaa (power of retention of what we learned, ability to understand)

Our brain is so hardwired nowadays such that our power of retention and our ability to grasp things immediately and understand them perfectly have significantly decreased. People who have this medhaa shakti (power of retention of what they learned), don't have to study for any tests. They can actually remember and understand the concepts taught in lectures, for example, so easily that they need not study for exams! But why can't everyone do this? Because our brain is literally slacking!! We have lecture notes, textbooks, internet, library, wikipedia!!! All the information are already stored in there! So why do we have to put them in our brain?

Back then in the past, they did not have any books, texts, or any writing instruments. Everything was orally taught! But now, the situation is different. "I don't have to listen because there is a webcast for this lecture!" So automatically, our value for medha shakti has decreased and so we don't utilise it often. Our brain has so much power that we always underestimate it! There are people in India who can actually chant the whole 100,000 verses of Mahabharatha from memory!! There are scholars and priests in India who have the whole Veda in their mind and can recite by memory alone! And not to mention, we only utilise so little of our brain even when we are great scientists or engineers!

So do NOT underestimate the power of retention of your brain!! Try listening to a lecture, with so much of concentration (dhaaranaa) and faith (shraddha) in you, without taking any notes! You will actually realise that you are capable of understanding the lecture perfectly without any aid, but just by listening!!! I've tried this in one of my Hinduism classes, and I didn't forget anything. It is always our fear that we will forget what we learned later that impels us to take notes during class. But our brain is not hardwired to multitask and pay multi-attention. Our brain can do only one thing at a time. If it is multi-tasking, then its concentration is only on one thing and the rest of the tasks are mechanical/automatic/subconscious. So by taking notes & listening, you will not benefit much, you will lose on some information. So try listening and understanding! It will work. All you need is strong faith in you!! So don't ever underestimate your power of retention and understanding!!

Divinity in speech (Vaagdevi)

Why does divinity reside in our speech? This is because No knowledge can take place without speech. Our ability to speak is a gift given by the Goddess! There were other things said during class, which I don't want to share here, because prior knowledge is required. So pardon me :)

Consort of Brahma, the creator (vidhivallabha)

This means that you need Knowledge to create! You cannot just create without knowledge. In every object of creation, the knowledge of the creator is within it. Take Ravivarma's painting for example. His aesthetic value and emotions are contained within his paintings. Similarly, the knowledge of the creator (the God) is contained in this Universe. This means that the God who created this Universe is ALSO a manifestion/part of this Universe! Hard to understand, but it will make sense if you think about it more.

So why do we chant these shlokas?

Basically, chanting shlokas have certain benefits attached to them. The pronounciations of Sanskrit with all the 50 syllables in the shloka, wil produce desirable vibrations in our body. Some shlokas have the power to relieve our fever, or any other ailments, especially if we chant it with FAITH, DEVOTION & UNDERSTANDING! Not just suka suka chant you know! The connection of the chant (sound) and the mind should be there, together with the devotion. This can only happen if we completely understand WHAT we are chanting! That was why this lesson was conducted.

Also by chanting shlokas, it can create positive vibrations that will help to increase our concentration, and our retention power of the brain!! This change can only be seen long term, after a few months of daily chanting. You can just chant Ganesha 108 names everyday (will take only 10 mins maybe), and that alone can help you a lot (if done with faith and devotion)! I am willing to teach anyone to chant any shlokas, if you are interested :)

I hope what I've shared here was of use to your understanding. Please share your comments here too :)
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Friday, October 30, 2009

My attempt after a long time :)

I love this song so so much! Finally I get to sing it :) Hope you like it....

Song: Pudhu Vellai Mazhai
Movie: Roja

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trust me...

It's amazing how people have different sides to their faces. I've never truly realized it. But now to think through it, I think people would be surprised or shocked to know some of my other faces! ;)

It is natural that people have certain tendencies at certain times. Everyone has their dark sides, be it their laziness, their aggressive nature, stupid stress-relieving methods, moodiness, etc. Nobody is perfect. Like for example, nobody knows me to have ever been grumpy and moody at times, but my friends never get to see such a side of me, maybe only my family members. Even if I am grumpy or moody I would not show it to my friends.

But we can only be truly ourselves with someone who we truly feel comfortable with. Sometimes we only show our true colours in front of our enemies, if we have any. Maybe our enemy knows us better than our loved ones!

What am I trying to say from all my ramblings? Its just that, no matter what our friends/loved ones have done in their past due to their "certain tendencies", does not matter when they finally share it with us. It shows that they trust us with their "dark side" being revealed to us. That is all that matters. Judging people based on what they have done in the past doesn't always work. Sometimes we have to have the courage to put forth our trust into them.

I've come to the point where I can take in any shock people throw at me. Or maybe not entirely. Let's wait for what's in store for me in life. ;)
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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Thanks for making me feel miserable again.

Thanks for hurting me so much.

Thanks to you for making me realize never to trust anyone ever again.

Thanks to you for making me emotionally stronger.

Thanks to you for talking bad about me behind my back and making me feel guilty for having ever cared for you so much.

I am so indebted to you for many things you've done to me.

Thanks for everything!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long time no see my blog!

Its been such a long long time since I've written anything in my blog. And now it is simply too late, because there are so many things to write! So many overwhelming emotions bubbling inside of me. And I do want to let it all out... But what to say in a public blog? What can I say? My parents are already monitoring me, kinda... Haha.

But I would say this... I'm very happy at this moment in my life. I have really great friends, with whom I can share anything without any inhibitions. Developing friendships with some new people has given me a different outlook in life. Emotions previously suppressed are let free. So I feel happy :)

I know this happiness wouldn't last for long. But that doesn't and shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the moment that is present right now. Happiness, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, all won't last forever. Ultimately, I have nothing to be unhappy about because I have a loving family, a healthy body, studying very well, happy with my friends. What else more do I want? :)

Just some thoughts running in my mind and hope things turn out well... :)
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful philosophies and ideals explained through images of Gods

People have always looked up to someone in their life to follow in their footsteps. It can be their own parents, one of the relatives who are close to them, or friends. It can be anyone. But very few people look up to God as their source of inspiration and role-model! Because according to us, God is very high up there, with whom we cannot compare ourselves with. He/She is someone whom we run to only when we face troubles in our life. So we rarely remember God all the time.

Hindus have millions of Gods, or so we claim. It is always confusing to the youths when they see people putting in so much faith in so many Hindu Gods, an
d that too at the same time. Each and everyone of us have different "favourite" God (Ishta Devata). Where did all these God characters like Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, Muruga, Durga, Kali all come from? From our scriptures of course.

Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharva Vedas - Mention of 44 Vedic Gods such as Agni, Vayu, Varuna, etc.
Agamas - Mention of Mahadevas and Mahadevis under thre
e main sects: Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta
Puranas - Mention of Devas and Devis such as Ganesha, Muruga, etc... Devas are also Gods with specific functions/duties, but Mahadeva/devi is the supreme to them.

So it is in the Puranas and the Agamas which have the mention of these Gods we know about. Their stories are extensively described in our Puranas. So, why were they created? I mean, they don't really exist, as they are only representations of God, but in various different forms. But think about it, why would our Rishis waste their time sitting around and creating these images, if not to teach us some important values through them?

As the saying goes, Hindus don't pray to idols, they pray to the ideals that the idols represent. Similarly each idol in the Temple we worship has an ideal to it, and many people are ignorant about it. Once they become aware of why one prays to Kali, for example, their prayer becomes meaningful.

Ganesha - Remover of obstacles, giver of knowledge.
Rope and axe in both hands - He is the one who binds us to sense-objects and He is also the one who detaches us from the sense-objects. He gives us this experience to remind us that attachment to sense-objects (something that binds you emotionally to a thing) gives us only misery.

Lots of sweets (modaka) - The sweets represent knowledge. Knowledge is sweet and gives you happiness, as it removes your ignorance. When the darkness in your mind is removed, you will not fear anything, and so you will be in peace. Peace = happiness.

Mouse eating sweet - The mouse represents the human min
d, something which doesn't remain in one place. Just like our thoughts, which keep moving and never stopping in one place. But the mouse, in the presence of the God, remains in one place, still. Not only that, we also see it here as eating the sweet, meaning consuming knowledge given by God.

Durga - Slayer of the negativities in us, and granter of wishes.
So many weapons in her hands - She multitasks!! Seriously, this is something only God is capable of doing. Though she is in a killing spree, look at her face. She is always calm and cool. She has taught me many things in life. During times of stress, I just remember Her and pray to Her, and I will forget all my stress for a while and move on. She does so many things at one time, and yet she never looks tired but looks calm. She is my inspiration!

Buffalo (Mahishasuran) - Represents laziness, animal quality in man. She slays this demon, and this represents that by praying to Her, we are asking for Her grace to remove the negativities in our minds.

Lion (vehicle) - So many Gods have animals as their "vehicles". A vehicle is something that is in our control. Similarly, the lion itself is in Her control! She is not scared of the lion, but she controls it!

Kali - Goddess of Time, and Slayer of the negativities. She is a very fierce Goddess, but I personally like Her very much. Anyone, who sincerely prays to her, She will grant them their wishes. Also a God who is controversially involved in black magic as well, which I will come to later.
Kali (very fierce) - The word "kali" means time. Kali appears fierce because time doesn't stop for anyone. Most of us, or maybe all of us, hope that we could turn back time and correct all our mistakes. But it doesn't happen! As such, she is fierce like time. Time just keeps moving on, not stopping for anyone. Not even for God!

Decapitated heads in her hands - The head represents the ego. Our ego has to be surrendered to the Mother Divine, if not She will take it by force! Only by surrendering our ego will we be able to experience the Truth. It is our ego that gives us the sense of "I-ness", "I am the do-er", the sense of ownership. It is our ego that gives us both pleasure and pain. Surrendering the ego is our only way to attain eternal bliss. This statement
is something that is not easily comprehensible by everyone. It has to be experienced to be understood very well.

So many weapons - Why does she appear to be so violent? Because that is how BAD our negativities are!!! She has to use all kinds of weapons
to chase away the demons in us!! Just think about it! If you are in Her place, you will definitely need those weapons wouldn't you??

Kali and Shiva - While Kali represents the "changing" reality, Shiva represents the "changeless" reality. Let me explain more clearly: When you measure time, you take final time minus the initial time right? This shows that to measure time, a change has to take place! If no change takes place, then you cannot measure time!! The entire
universe is constantly changing, and thus the existence of time. Another fact is that to measure change, you need to have a reference point, something which is changeless. Therefore, change is always measured with reference to something changeless, and this changing reality (Kali) is therefore dependent of the changeless reality (Shiva). That is why Kali is stepping on Shiva. This is the significance of the whole image.

Why is Kali sometimes used in black magic? - Whatever the tantric mantras produce are just energy. And energy is just energy by itself. It can be used for good and for bad, depending on us. So if it is used for bad, then it becomes black magic. Whereas, if the energy from the mantras chanted are used for good, then good results.

Murugan - A Beautiful Philosophy (Just like Him)
Depicted always with 2 consorts - Lord Muruga is always depicted with 2 consorts and they are not really His wives!!! This is the part where many don't really know why some Gods have more than one wife. First of all, they are not wives, they are consorts or forms of Shakti (energy). So what do they represent? Deivanai (Consort from the Heaven) represents Kriya (action). Valli (Consort from the Earth) represents Iccha (desire). Murugan has another Shakti with Him and that is His Vel (spear) which represents Jnana (Knowledge). Basically, to attain a goal, firstly you need desire for that goal, then you need to have the right knowledge to attain that goal, then finally you perform actions to attain that goal. That is the philosophy explained from the image. Also if you notice, Valli (who represents iccha/desire) was married by the Lord due to His desire for Her. Whereas Deivanai (who represents kriya/action) was married by the Lord as a "gift" for His good actions of eliminating the demons.

Vel (spear) - As said earlier, the Vel represents Jnana, knowledge. The breadth of the spear-head, the length of the spear and the sharpness of the spear all tells us that our knowledge should be broad-based, deep and sharp respectively.

After learning all this, I found myself to be more open in my views about Hinduism. Sure, there are many superstitions. But don't just be passive about them! Do something! Find out whether they are really true or not! Never stay with doubts in your mind! Hinduism is so much more meaningful than it really seems to be! My perception of Temples, prayers and all changed after learning even more than this!!

Visit for more such learning experience!! :)
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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi everyone! This is my first attempt of a beautiful devotional :) It has very beautiful meanings, written by the great Indian philosopher: Adi Shankaracharya!! I love this song very much. I truly hope my rendition is good... Although at some places I seem to have sore throat... At the middle of the song, my voice changes slightly due to the soreness, pls don't mind...

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Song: Atmashtakam
Singer: Priya
Written by: Adi Shankaracharya

Mano Budhya Ahankara Chithaa Ninaham,
Na Cha Srothra Jihwe Na Cha Graana Nethrer,
Na Cha Vyoma Bhoomir Na Thejo Na Vayu,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham 1

Neither am I mind, nor intelligence,
Nor ego, nor thought,
Nor am I ears or the tongue or the nose or the eyes,
Nor am I earth or sky or air or the light,
I am Shiva, I am Shiva, of nature knowledge and bliss

Na Cha Praana Samgno Na Vai Pancha Vaayur,
Na Vaa Saptha Dhathur Na Va Pancha Kosa,
Na Vak Pani Padam Na Chopa Stha Payu,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham 2

Neither am I the movement due to life,
Nor am I the five airs, nor am I the seven elements,
Nor am I the five internal organs,
Nor am I voice or hands or feet or other organs,
I am Shiva, I am Shiva, of nature knowledge and bliss

Na Me Dwesha Raghou Na Me Lobha Mohou,
Madho Naiva Me Naiva Matsarya Bhava,
Na Dharmo Na Cha Artha Na Kamo Na Moksha,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham 3

I never do have enmity or friendship,
Neither do I have vigour nor feeling of competition,
Neither do I have assets, or money or passion or salvation,
I am Shiva, I am Shiva, of nature knowledge and bliss

Na Punyam Na Paapam Na Soukhyam Na Dukham,
Na Manthro Na Theertham Na Veda Na Yagna,
Aham Bhojanam Naiva Bhojyam Na Bhoktha,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham 4

Never do I have good deeds or sins or pleasure or sorrow,
Neither do I have holy chants or holy water or holy books or fire sacrifice,
I am neither food or the consumer who consumes food,
I am Shiva, I am Shiva, of nature knowledge and bliss

Na Mruthyur Na Sankha Na Me Jathi Bhedha,
Pitha Naiva Me Naiva Matha Na Janma,
Na Bhandhur Na Mithram Gurur Naiva Sishya,
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham 5

I do not have death or doubts or distinction of caste,
I do not have either father or mother or even birth,
And I do not have relations or friends or teacher or students,
I am Shiva, I am Shiva, of nature knowledge and bliss

Aham Nirvi Kalpi Nirakara Roopi,
Vibhuthwascha Sarvathra Sarvendriyanaam,
Na Cha Sangatham Naiva Mukthir Na Meya
Chidananada Roopa Shivoham, Shivoham 6

I am immutable, I am without form, omnipresent on account of my all-pervasive
nature; I am not even associated or attached with my sense organs. I am not
salvation, nor the knowable; I am the very form of knowledge and bliss, I am Shiva, I
am Shiva.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got my UROPS!

Well, here goes my upcoming holidays... I guess I won't be having anymore holidays like I used to. I am both happy and sad. Happy because I won't be spending all day sitting at home and just slacking, just browsing the net and watching movies, reading books. Happy that I would be running around, busy with something rather than slacking at home. But also sad that I won't have time to spend with my family, or just slacking a little while at home... Slacking for a little while is ok, but its not when you only slack for the entire day!

I got my UROPS!! UROPS stands for Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme in Science. I had approached Prof Kini Manjunatha a.k.a. Prof K. He called me down to his office and we sat down and talked. When he asked what I'm passionate about, I was just blabbering... I went blank! Thank God, I was atleast able to say something. But all turned out well, and he started explaining to me all about his lab research.

They are working on snake venoms! Interesting, because they have just come out with a drug using one of the toxins, modifying it a bit, to reduce blood pressure! Can you believe it? Amazingly, toxins can be of help to humans! I am really interested to get started and working on the toxins... I am just waiting for my camp to get over and so I can start working on my UROPS. Research work takes long time, so its better to start early. I still don't know what my project is gonna be, but I hope it would be interesting and that I will learn something worthwhile. Its all in God's hands to make it a success or a failure, while I put in all the efforts I can. I'm simply excited!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Aligning your thoughts, speech and actions...

It is said that for a person, the most important of all things is his thoughts. It is one's thoughts that become one's words, and it is one's thoughts that also become one's actions. And one's actions determine his character and a lot more. As such, it is only logical to say that one with good thoughts is a good person who speaks good words and does good things; and that one with bad thoughts is a bad person who speaks and does bad things.

Logically, one can arrive at this decision. But by experience, you can confirm this truth. In my 22 years of existence, I have seen what has happened to good & bad people when they have moved on to afterlife. Such an experience and examples, right in front of me in my own extended family in India, has deepened my principle to always have good thoughts about oneself and others.

Sometimes you might think that what could possibly go wrong in my life if I think badly about someone else? Or if I curse someone else? But in whatever we think, say or do, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's third law has already been thought out and explained in our dharma shastras (it is difficult to give a direct translation, as the words mean a lot more than intended, but I'll call it moral scriptures of the Hindus). The concept of karma is now accepted and regarded as logical by many people today. The common phrase they like to use is, "what goes around, comes around." Or they will say, "what you sow is what you reap."

Taking examples from my own family, the people I know closely either directly or indirectly from what my parents discuss, this truth is proven again and again. I had a great grandmother who had just passed away a year ago. My mum said about some horrible things she did, that didn't keep the people around her happy at all. She had hurt many people by her words and actions. Later she reformed her ways, but she was tossed around from one home to another as none of her sons wanted to keep her in their homes for long. She lived a long life, but for a year before she passed away, she was in a lot of pain and couldn't wait to put it to an end.

My great grandmother on the other side, who is still living but a little sick, is someone who is grumpy, always nagging and such an irritating person. She is the kind of person with whom you can never be comfortable having around. But she doesn't wish anyone any bad. She does not curse others or harm others in any way. You know how old people get grumpy and feel insecure as they age? That is how she is like. But never thinking bad about others. And look at her now. She has a good house, people are there to take care of her, she gets her monthly allowance and a devoted son (my dad) who takes care of her and provides for her.

My grandmother, on the other hand, is a living example of what will happen if one has bad thoughts. She is in such a financial mess right now, and also not being able to discriminate what is right and what is wrong, who is jealous of her own daughter-in-law and maybe also jealous of her own daughter (my mum)! I believe that someone who curses and thinks bad of another person, is never really inflicting that curse on that person but to oneself!

Its a simple rule: You do good, people will do good to you! And believe it or not, you think good, you will speak good, and you will do good. So it all lies in the way you think. Train yourself to think positively, that no matter who the person is, just think good about that person and nver bad. Your life will transform right before your eyes! It is very difficult to be honest, especially to yourself. But a honest person is one whose thoughts, speech and actions are aligned in the same plane. Otherwise he is a hypocrite.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Results... Semester 2, 08/09

I'm quite surprised with my results this semester. Usually I would be getting at most a C+, pulling down my CAP, and my core modules would usually get the worst grades ever! But this time around, due to extra efforts I put in, my CAP improved! God, am I glad or what!! Here it is:

LSM2103 Cell Biology B+
LSM2104 Essential Bioinformatics & Biocomputing B
SN1101E South Asia: People, Culture & Development A-
SN2271 Religion and Society in South Asia B
ST2238 Introductory Biostatistics B-

Not bad for Cell Bio, considering I didn't do so well for my 2nd test, I got atleast a B+. I was expecting an A- as the exam was quite okay. I guess many people did quite okay for the exam and the bell curve got shifted to the right a bit. As for Bioinfo, I am so so glad for getting a B!! The exam was tough! Open book exams are always difficult to handle. I guess it would be alright now to take the 3rd year Bioinfo module, or not! Biostats is the worst... I expected a B for it and got a B- instead :( But I guess its justified, considering the high number of marks I lost for the final exam. I was so worried, and B- is certainly better than a C!!

I'm doing a South Asian Studies Minor... Last semester I took Tamil Studies I, and for this semester, I took the compulsory South Asia: People, Culture and Devt module, and a module about Religion in South Asia. Not bad grades, and I'm only too happy for my compulsory module, considering I'm a science student. The B for the Religion module is understandable, considering I lost a solid 20 marks for the final exam, due to my complacency. I promise to myself that I will never be over-confident about any module again, just because I think I know about it better.

I'm really happy and also worried. Happy because my CAP improved and that means my confidence in myself has gone up. I am only 0.15 points away from qualifying for Honours, and this means I have to work much much harder next semester, getting all B+ and above! This is what worries me. Sigh... Well, it does not matter to me whether I do Honours or not, but what I want is to graduate with a good set of grades and CCA Records. Best case scenario would be to get an Honours, and continue on with a PhD. But not-so-worst case scenario would be me not being able to qualify for Honours, graduating with a Third Class, pass with merit, struggling to apply for Masters... So no matter whether I do Honours or not, I want to graduate with atleast an 2nd Lower, meaning above CAP 3.5...

Where I end up... the results are all in God's hands. I will just do my best and give my best in everything. We'll see...
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just for the past few weeks or a month, I've been noticing and hearing about men with horribly-gone-wrong minds! Neither will I side with the women and say that they have not gone wrong anywhere. But I should say that men are a lot worse than woman when it comes to thinking and/or doing "dirty".

Just few days back there were two cases of men (one Indian and one Chinese, this shows that even race, religion, ethnicity doesn't make a difference!!) displaying/exposing their private parts to women in a park! This came out in the news and it is now under police investigation. Evident enough that this is not a simple matter to just ignore and leave. What guts does it take a man to expose his private parts to a woman in the public and that too in broad daylight?! That person can only be a mentally-disturbed psycho person! What prompts him to do such an idiotic act? Do the guys ever know how hurting this is to the girls? It is really a traumatic experience for the girls and it would take atleast a day or two just to overcome the shock of it, if it were for the first time for a girl! It is really mentally disturbing for the girls, and guys never realise this!

A recent case of the Austrian guy who had 7 kids with his own biological daughter just confirms the extent of abnormality of the minds of the men!! Gosh! Simply unbelievable, shocking news it was! Again, what prompts these kind of guys to commit such hideous crimes?!

Every thought, word and action counts and makes a huge difference to one's character and disposition. If your actions are good (charity) but your intention behind those actions are bad (to show-off), then does it make a difference? All our lives we are being hypocrites. We're thinking one thing, but doing something else. Guys talk/act very well in front of their women friends/colleagues but who knows what "dirty" thoughts are running in their minds? Let's not be hypocrites please!

You can argue, that for such thoughts to arise in our minds, its only natural. Just because it is natural doesn't mean that it should be let to run as it likes. If our intellect doesn't have control over the whims of our minds, then who will? And by control, I don't mean to say that one should resist one's desires or thoughts. By control, I mean not to have such desires or thoughts unnecessarily and abnormally. Don't let your mind run awry!

Don't forget your morality! Just a few weeks back, I had an argument with two of my friends regarding an issue: pre-marital sex. One of my friends was saying that it is alright to have pre-marital sex as long as both the parties are truly in love with each other, trust each other and that both know where they are heading. The other friend didn't exactly argue, but he agreed with me that it not morally correct to have pre-marital sex. I'm really glad to have met such a person who argues that way, because I'm sure not many guys think that way!

Why do I say it is not moral to have pre-marital sex? Firstly, our scriptures say so. I am very much a person who abides/aspires to abide by the rules of morality put forth by our Shrutis and Smritis (to a lesser extent). It is true that I am not knowledgeable by what is written in the Vedas. Therefore, I cannot quote any verses from there. But I can definitely, by logical explanation, come to the conclusion that pre-marital sex is wrong.

Many of us are blinded by our desires that we tend to forget the very basis of morality inherent in us. Yes, ours is the country which celebrated sex and even prompted Vatsyayana to write the Kamasutra. Its true. But who was the Kamasutra wrote for? It was written for married couples to fulfill one of their purposes in life (out of the four purposes: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha). Seeking pleasures and entertainment is one of the goals in human lives. But the basis of that seeking should be Dharma. And Dharma tells you to follow Truthfulness, Non-violence, Non-stealing, Brahmacharyam (continence), Patience, Determination, Compassion, Simplicity, Moderate Eating and Purity (of thoughts, speech and action).

By having pre-marital sex, you are violating one or more of the above Dharma. Namely:
1. Truthfulness - because most probably the promise between the two would not be kept
2. Non-violence - because you will most probably end up in hurting each other emotionally
3. Brahmacharyam - this is pretty obvious
4. Compassion - whatsoever compassion you had is now all lost, as you didn't even think of those persons or even yourself who would be hurt by this action!
5. Purity - such an experience will remain in your mind forever, even if you move on and marry another person, you might feel guilty that you've been the cause of hurting someone or betraying your newly-wed

You can now ask, why should I control my sexual tendencies? Why should I be a brahmachari or brahmacharini, till the right time I step foot into the Grahastha Ashram (married life)? Such tendencies, if you notice, only give you momentary happiness/bliss. It is a distraction, nothing much. Before you know, you will be back to square one. You can channel that energy into something much useful rather than exploiting someone for your desires. Not only is the bliss momentary, but also it is a hurtful experience. No matter what justification you can give, saying that both the parties are very much in love and that both know what they are getting into, the hurt and distrust would be there for sure. We all seek security afterall, especially the women. Moreover, time will change everything. People who were "very much in love with each other" once, can change with time. What will happen then?

Some people would argue, then is marriage a license, guaranteed to contain the joys of a physical relationship?! I will give you a resounding NO! Who asked you to marry so that you can have a sexual relationship? One should marry because one loves the person very much and wants to spend the rest of the life with her/him. It is a basic respect you show for the other person, and you are only tainting this relationship if you have pre-marital sex. You are disrespecting your partner.

I'm not writing this post to stop all those guys out there from achieving their hideous, mis-directed desires. You are not obliged to pay attention to my personal ranting through this post and uphold Dharma. You can go ahead destroy Dharma, because you are in the Kali Yuga. Dharma is already going down in the drains, anyway. My post is not powerful enough to stop all those dirty-minded men out there. Who is to stop them, if they are meant to be that way? Maybe they will, if God Himself comes and tells them all this? Then what?

If we are good persons, just so that we will not go to Hell, then we are an awful sorry lot indeed!!!

Note: My post title was initially "Men!" but I changed it to "Humans!" This is because, I felt that I am being unfair to all the GOOD guys out there if I were to only address the men. This post is equally (or maybe less?) applicable to any guilty female as well, who harbors such "dirty" thoughts in their minds.
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Monday, March 9, 2009



Thursday, 08 May 2008,

Lord McCauley’s speech in British Parliament on 2nd February, 1835 for converting India to a land suitable for them to rule and make Indians the British slaves : “I have traveled the length and breadth of India and there I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation”
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The World's Greatest Misconception

Hey guys!

Take a look at the video below. This is what is happening to our fellow Hindus who have lost their Shraddha (faith) in our way of life and have reverted to Christianity (or Islam). God bless their souls! I have nothing against converting to other religions, but I have so MUCH against converting because of our own ignorance of our Sanatana Dharma! My commentary for the video below is only until 3:42 minutes, as I don't care about what he says on Christianity.

"importance of scriptures, work out our own salvation, so that we won't go back to the cycle of birth and re-birth (samsara)" - This was the advice given to him by his dad who was a priest. Let me dispel this World's Greatest Misconception in Hinduism:

Moksha (liberation, salvation or realisation of the true Self as God) is NOT THE ONLY GOAL for all Hindus!!!

Moksha is ultimately our goal. But it is not the only goal! Listen to me friends. If someone comes and tells you that you should do yoga or meditation or fasting to attain God, think about it! Is moksha what you really want? This person's dad has adviced him, when he was only 8, to go read these books so that he can escape samsara (bondage). Don't be an escapist! That 8 year old fella has not even lived his life fully yet, and his dad is asking him to do penances to attain moksha! My God! Please save these people!!

"fasting, meditation, mortification of the body, penance, rituals to attain salvation" - Imagine an 8-year-old kid doing all this in his quest for salvation?! Seriously, who told you that if you do all this, you will attain moksha?! I can prove to you that doing yoga WILL NOT give you moksha! You need KNOWLEDGE to attain moksha! There is a very BIG difference between doing these penances without knowledge and doing these penances with knowledge!

"how to get moksha: book to read, went to building top to meditate to escape samsara, to be with the creator" - Hahaha... I can only laugh! Seriously!

"I was indulged in the pleasures of the word", "guilt and pain to live a life of hypocrisy", "seeking for something that would release him from the power of guilt", "still in bondage, lust, anger, life of hypocrisy" - Great! This is what is happening to most of the ignorant beings in this world! Every Swami is preaching us to renounce happiness and do all the difficult things like yoga to attain moksha! These ignorant beings (I was also once like these people), never realise the BEAUTY OF SANATANA DHARMA!! We are all alpa janmas (limited beings) and as such ignorant of all such beautiful things... I'll explain to you in a while what the beauty of Hinduism is...

"what is life after death? chance of eternity?"
, "lost faith in attaining salvation in Hinduism" - You were ignorant! And now you are blaming Hinduism?! Sigh... I don't blame you as well. You are only misguided by all those who were misguided... The blind leading the blind...

Sanatana Dharma says that humans have 4 goals... Artha (basic securities and wealth), Kama (pleasures, entertainment), Dharma (ethics, code of conduct in life) and then Moksha (the magic word). I colour-coded Moksha differently because lets leave it for a while and look at the other three first, shall we?

Artha and Kama is the common goal of ALL human beings (including animals in some instances) regardless of race, religion, language, creed, nationality, etc. You agree with me? Because we all need shelter, water, food, money, and some pleasures in life. We need a bed to sleep on, but once we've fulfilled the first goal of Artha, we can then move on to getting a water bed for our pleasure ;P So where in Hinduism, tell me, does it say that you can't have pleasure?! When some alpa janma comes and tells you to "renounce happiness, be neutral, be even-minded, etc." it is NOT meant for YOU!! Don't listen to them. You are happy with your life right now, then just BE HAPPY! BE SATISFIED! Why are you making yourself feel guilty with all this talk about renouncing happiness, when Hinduism tells you to be happy?! This is the BEAUTY of Hinduism I've been talking about...

Why is Dharma one of our human goals? As I said before, artha and kama are common goals to BOTH humans and animals! What then, differentiates us from animals? The very fact that we can make a CHOICE! Dharma is our guiding principle that helps us to pursue artha and kama in the RIGHT way. So WE NEED DHARMA!

So now we come to the fourth goal: moksha. One thing you have to be very clear: Moksha is for those who SINCERELY SEEK for it! That is why I colour-coded it differently. If you do not seek it, you will not attain it! This is the BEAUTY of Hinduism. If you are happy settling for a normal life and want to enjoy this life, GO AHEAD and DO IT! Why look at Moksha, when now itself you are happy with your life AS IT IS?! Please don't make this mistake... I'm writing this post to those who have this very big misconception embedded in their minds!

Let me tell you something! Just by following Dharma and assimilating it in your life, just by doing your duty, you would come to realise (in this birth or the next coming births) the limitations in living a life with artha and kama as your pursuits! That is when you will realise that your True and Ultimate goal is Moksha! Until you realise this, be calm and just do your duty. Bhagavad Gita's main point is also this: Do you duty!
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Friday, February 27, 2009

This should be the joke of the year!! MUST WATCH!
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

14th Feb...

Wow... Its been a long day! I felt that this day was my most useful day in my life. You must be thinking I'm going to talk about my Valentine's Day right? Haha. NO! In fact, I don't really celebrate, or would never even dream of celebrating something like a Valentine's Day! Come on! Why must they have a separate day for love, when it can be present anywhere, anytime?! Nevermind!

I was going to talk about this day, because from the morning at 9am till 9pm, I was constantly exposed to Hinduism, and nothing but Hinduism! We had a Lit & Lead Leadership course for our HS members and God! It was simply amazing to see the transformation take place right in front of your eyes. Kathir did a wonderful job and I actually felt a great sense of satisfaction after the workshop ended, which was around 1pm. It was simply a great unforgettable event for me in HS!

It all started with a idea that sparked in my mind back in November last year. I am really thankful to God for making my vision come true! At least one person would have benefited and his/her life changed for the best as a result of this workshop! That's more than enough for me. So after this workshop, Kathir, Susanth and I took a cab to Hindu Centre for our Hinduism class. On our way, we were so hyper and talking all along the way about the workshop and how it has turned out.

Again, the Hinduism class was a wonderful session. Later at 6, Susanth and I had dinner in Madhan's. We didn't have lunch at all, so had an early dinner at least. All the while during the dinner, Susanth and I were ranting to each other how the rest of those who missed the course lost something valuable! Its such an irritating thing! When people promise that they would come, and then they don't turn up without informing us, its just frustrating. I mean, think about those who make the effort and turn up for the event! What's up with these guys? They want CCA points, but just showing face doesn't work here! Susanth was so irritated, that all he wanted to do was sack the people, dissolve the HS committee and just move on with our lives! I guess that wouldn't happen at all, but he was that frustrated and disappointed with these people. He sent a one-liner message to everyone the next day: "I am utterly disappointed! Thanks a lot guys!"

After our dinner, we attended a talk on Kumbhabhishegam (Temple Consecrecation Ceremony). It was a very informative talk and I really gained a lot of insight from it. I finally understood the need to go to Temples and how is it that they all say that God resides in Temples! It was something marvellous, my eyes was opened during the talk! I now appreciate Temple Worship a lot and understand why this is still very much prevalent today.

I don't think Kalki has to come to save this world and the religion. If we do our part to keep Hinduism alive, we are all Kalki avatars!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sad Plight...

Something very beautiful and dear to all of us is slowly slipping away from our hands. We are just passively sitting in our own comfort zones and observing our very own traditions slipping away and facing the danger of totally being wiped out from this world. You might be wondering what I'm talking about...

Today I saw my old friend who was my school mate in my secondary school. She has started working after her Diploma and it had been quite long since I've seen her, so we were talking for a while. It was then when she told me that she has been studying the bible. I had asked her if she was going for Thaipusam and she gave me this answer. She told me that she is finding all her answers in the book and it all seems to "fit in", with some truth in it.

When she was telling me all that, it was like I was seeing myself a few years back. I had once been very into the bible and liked reading it. I guess I had a particular attraction towards Christianity and their so-called culture. But later on, other books influenced my thoughts and I strayed away into the paths of atheism. Later on my life slowly started to set in the right path and I began learning about Hinduism. Now I am very much into my tradition, into my Hinduism. I don't know how I reached there. It was rather like Hinduism found me! I must have done something good in my previous life to have been put in the right track again. I am so glad that I am given the opportunity to learn more about my tradition and religion and pave my path towards knowledge and maybe even ultimately moksha (liberation).

Many are like my friend, slowly taking Hinduism for granted and showing their interests in other religions. Maybe they find it easier to access the bible and easier to understand the religion. Because Christianity is nothing but full of beliefs that cannot be proven in this world! Its easier to believe in them than learning any logical explanations for concepts like Karma, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha and Ishwara. It makes their lives easier I guess. But one thing is for sure! They are ignorant about their own religion; Hinduism! If not, they would never even look at other religions' teachings! If one knows about Hinduism as much as I know at this stage of my life, they would not be attracted to any other religion because the answers for ALL their questions can be found in Hinduism itself and even MORE! What more do you need?! Hinduism is the only religion in the world in which there is existential proof for things like Karma, Moksha, and reincarnation!

Sigh... I'm not even worried about them converting into other religions. I'm more worried about what'll happen to the beautiful gift (Sanatana Dharma) given to all of us, after a few generations? What worries me most is that people born in the tradition are not appreciating the tradition! All the Vedic Brahmanas who are supposed to be teaching the Vedas to us are mostly software engineers now! Though the priests still exist, they don't teach! Only way we can revive Hinduism back to its traditional Sanatana Dharmic roots is by educating others about our own religion. That is what I am going to do and that is why I'm preparing myself for it now by taking this General Teaching Course in Hinduism (2 1/2 years course, leading to a Diploma in Hinduism Studies).
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Annul Maelae

I love this song very much and I've been just dying to sing this song! Unfortunately I couldn't find any karaoke for this song, nor make my own. So I just sang it. Hopefully you guys would like it.

Song: Annul Maelae
Movie: Varanam Aayiram
Singer: Sudha Raghunathan

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

December Update...

My India trip was looooooonnng and good! Most of the things I experienced were satisfying except for a few moments here and there. This time around, since it was December time, the climate was bearable and the heat was almost non-existent till I reached Chennai two days before leaving to Singapore. This was how my trip for arranged:

7th-9th Dec: Coimbatore
10th-14th Dec: Salem, my hometown

15th-17th Dec: Temple tour to Madurai, Thanjavur, Karaikkal, Thiruvannamalai
18th-21st Dec: Salem, my hometown
22nd-24th Dec: Tirupathi, Chennai
25th Dec: Singapore, back home :)

Let's deal with the timeline now. In Coimbatore, what we basically did was shopping. We also visited the two famous Temples there, Marudhamalai and Perur Temples. In Marudhamalai, I wasn't able to do much but I got to enjoy the scenery. My prayers were answered there immediately and I got to buy some books in one of the shops they had there. All famous Temples seem to have all kinds of merchandise shops there nowadays. Its good in one way, but I feel the Temples have only become more and more commercialised. Perur was an exceptionally beautiful Temple, although its not as big as Madurai Meenakshi Amman's or Thiruvannamalai Temple. We also visited Thyanalingam Ashramam, which was such a serene and calm place.

Staying in Salem was alright, although most of the times I was bored with the stay. All my cousins
are grown-up and have their own lives to lead now. I was mostly spending my time with books, tv, talking to my relatives and going out with my mum for shopping and such. Keerthi, my nephew, would be the only one to whom I would be talking to, mostly at nights.

We left to Madurai on the 15th Dec. After finding a lodge to stay, we got ready and visited Thiruparanguntram first. I don't know how, but without expecting I always get to visit my Murugan first. I was really happy to go to one of the Aarupadai Veedus. As expected, the visit to the Temple was also satisfying. The Temple had powerful vibrations and I had never felt such vibes before in my life. At one point, I forgot myself. Temple visits should be done alone I suppose, because the only thing disturbing my connecting with the divine was my family and the crowd pushing us in the queue.

After that, we went to Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. We didn't expect the security to be so tight. No cars were allowed to go in near the Rajagopurams. So we had to walk barefoot from the car to the Temple, quite a distance. I didn't feel much of vibes as I felt in Thiruparanguntram. But I did enjoy the grandeur of the Temple, especially the night effect was good. As is my custom, I always get the blessings of Ganesha, who is always there near the Temple entrance or inside the Temple. I would put a coin in His trunk and He would pat my head as a blessing. I love the Temple elephant and always get a feeling that the elephant keeps following me everywhere.

The next day we went to Thanjavur as I was asking my dad that I wanted to visit the Periya Koyil there for so long. I loved the Temple!! It was so huge and not only that, the Temple architecture was so grandeur!!! One whole day is not enough to look around that Temple as there are so many things to observe and admire. I just loved this Temple. All the stones there also had so many carvings. This shows how old the Temple is actually!! Do take a look at my Orkut picture album Tanjore Marvel to admire the beauty. I would have taken more pics, but I didn't get to spend much time there in the Temple. There are so many architectural marvels about this Temple which can be glimpsed here.

The same day we also visited Thirunallaar, which is a Saneeswaran (Saturn God) Temple. I am told that I have seven and a half years of Saturn influence in my astrology and as such it would be good for me to visit this Temple and seek the blessings of Lord Siva and the Saturn God. The same is the case for my parents and my sister. I am not much of a believer in astrology, but so far, most of the things said by my family astrologer has come true. But I still believe that fate can be won. So after this we went to Chidambaram and stayed there for the night.

The next day we visited Chidambaram Temple. I would say I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Thiruvannamalai. Thousand pillars Temple is what they called big Temples like Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. It was a marvelous Temple.

After that we visited Thiruvannamalai as planned. I would say my favourite moment of the entire trip would be the time spent in this Temple. This is my favourite Temple and this is my third time visiting this Temple. The first two times I came here, I always had done well in my studies the following year. This is just a belief and I feel that this is somewhat true. Because the vibrations in the Temple are so powerful!! I have no words to describe the Temple. I just wish I know more about Temples.

This marks the end of our Temple tour. We returned to Salem to rest before we left to Tirupathi on the 22nd.

Tirupathi trip was very disappointing to my family and me. The trip was very poorly planned as there were a lot of things that was unexpected. It seemed like there was a VIP visit or something and because of that much of the things were delayed for us. As a result, we ended up waiting for 8 hours in the "free" queue for nothing. We didn't get tickets as they were for the next next day. We couldn't wait that long in Thirupathi as our flight was due! So we stood in the "free" queue. We waited for 8 hours in the cold night weather with basically nothing to cover ourselves with. So then we just left without seeing Mr Venki, the VIP God.

Since the beginning I was a bit reluctant in going to Tirupathi because of the commercialisation there. My parents put me off by saying that its not like that at all. In the end, what I said was the truth. First, you have to buy tickets to see the God. Now, I'm not saying that this is only here in Tirupathi. It is everywhere I agree. But not like in Tirupathi, you have to have a minister letter!! And not only that. You have to have a minister letter to stay in Tirupathi as well!! My goodness! Never have I seen or heard such things, but maybe it is common in India, I don't know. We didn't have time to wait for another day as well, otherwise we would have. The entire fault is with us to have not foreseen all this and to have poorly planned things. But they have the made the whole pilgrimage into a business!!

And after all that waiting we drove back to Chennai. I would have to admit, Chennai has become cleaner!! I am surprised. Singaara Chennai is living up to its name now. I got sick in Chennai itself. And it got worse after I came to Singapore. I went to the doctor the next day itself and got myself an injection. That serious! Now I'm writing this post after I've gotten well. Haha. So yeah... This is how my trip went for those who want to know ;)
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