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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Anti-smoking ad

Look at this gruesome anti-smoking ad. There are even worser ads around. But I just chose this one. It is scary for any first-timers and non-smokers. But definetely not scary for the most of us. I could only find the Australian version. There's a Singaporean version too. When do these people ever learn that such ads seriously don't help?

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

My best friends

It's me, Kasturi and Kalpana. My best friends. Hoping that they are doing well in their teaching job:) All the best jaans!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What the F*CK?

Man, I'm starting to love this person. Haha:)

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Big B

It feels like it has been ages since I've updated this blog. It's time for me to fill up loads of application forms and scholarship forms. It's not hard to make any decisions 'cause I know where to go. I've applied for three scholarships so far: CAAS, Firefly and NUS Undergraduate Scholarship. I'm not so confident with the latter because it's highly competitive and there are so many of them better than me academically and aesthetically. So, I'm trying my chances with them. I've applied for two of the local universities: NUS and NTU. To the faculty of science of course.

I know I'm taking a risk by choosing the field of Life Sciences. This is because there is a big biomedical debate going on in Singapore. Moreover, local graduates and PhD pursuers and holders are few compared to foreigners. Most of the local A*STAR scholars do not stay in Singapore at all. They fly off to UK or US looking out for better opportunities and better paying jobs as researchers, not having the idea of returning home. Whatmore, the government might stop funding the Biopolis research agencies and that will be the end of the research era in Singapore. While it is now being called the Biomedical Hub of Southeast Asia, I have little doubt whether the name will continue to stay.

However, I believe I'm making the right choice, by sticking towards my interests. I definitely wouldn't want to take a measly pay of three or four thousand after my PhD. But research has become my interest. In which field is a question that would have to wait. Anything might happen in these four years' of study.

This is a picture taken while my colleagues and I went to Swenson's to have dinner. Fara, the one on the left wearing pink shirt, had just got her PhD. So this is a treat from her for all of us in the WH lab.

PS: Thought I was going to write about the big 'B'? Haha:)
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thinking about...

I feel very moody. Might be due to PMS. So I didn't feel like updating my blog. I was also quite busy with work and other stuff. I'm also thinking about which course to choose. Although I'm clear about what I want, I still have some doubts. I'm expecting to clear them when I go to their open house today afternoon. I have Life Sciences and Computational Biology in mind.

I have so far noticed what are the disadvantages of the career in life sciences as a researcher. You don't paid so high, in the first place. You have to get a PhD to get well paid. You have publish papers to get your name well-recognised. There is a lot of waiting time while you're doing research. The research itself takes a long time, to see the results and analyse them. But it's good to know what I'm getting into. Despite all these disadvantages, I like research.

I don't think I'll be in this field for a long time too. Probably after my PhD, I might take up another career, maybe as a lecturer in my field. I also want to become a writer some day. I have a lot of dreams and how many of them are going to come true, I don't know. If I put my hardwork and a bit of luck on my side, I can achieve my dreams.
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Monday, March 5, 2007

My favourite series

Harry Potter is probably the most imaginative story I've ever read. It's a wonderful story. I will get very engrossed in it. Like now. I'm reading the fifth book for the umpteenth time, to update myself of the things and details I've forgotten, before the movie gets released in July. Oh what a long wait. I think I'll probably do a podcast on Harry Potter books to satisfy the kind of feelings I have for the story. Never have I felt so many emotions for a book and it's story. I've literally fallen in love with Sirius and Lupin, and hate Snape to the core.

I'm waiting for the movie and the last book in the series. The suspense is killing me already. I love JK Rowling's works and her imaginative brain. The first time I read the first book, it was really boring. But I persisted. I kept reading on. And then came the interesting part. So continued reading all the books until book 4. I don't want to put everything here. I want to do a podcast on it. So let's see...
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Friday, March 2, 2007

A'Level Results...

A'level results are released today... I'm really scared and nervous from head to toe. It'll determine what kind of course I'll get in Uni.

But let's put that aside. Who can change what I've done a few months ago. But I'll update the blog with my results later today.

This year has so far been very good for me. The first times I had are numerous. First time I'm in a job, first time I went out late with friends on my own, first time went to a bar and drank beer (which I'll never do again, yuk yuk!!), first time I highlighted my hair, first time I tried beef (was also a little yuk), first time I... It's just a lot to say right here. But I'm happy I tried new things and yet to try more. My mind is stuck on the prospect of results. So I'll become happy/sad later. Paakalaam...

Update: I'm happy with my results!! Phew! Okay here they are:

General Paper A2
Physics B
Chem, Bio, Math A

I was interviewed by Tamil Murasu newspaper, with my other Indian friends who also did well. I also gave a phone interview for the local tamil fm 96.8. My interview was telecasted on the radio, but I didn't get to listen to it:( But a my parents did, that's enough! Let's see whether our photo comes on paper tomorrow. I'm happy:D At last the agony of waiting is over.
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