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Monday, December 24, 2007

Ingenious music copy!

If it is one thing I hate the most when it comes to music, it is music copied out of somewhere. When I first viewed the Billa trailer and heard the Billa theme music, I thought well, it was a genuine attempt by Yuvan in composing such a stylish music... Well. I don't agree with this anymore. Just compare the following two music.The first one is the Billa trailer music video... The second one is a similar music video of Martin Mystery...

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Do we need friends?

Recently a friend of mine asked me a question regarding friends. "Why do you think we need friends? Do we need friends?" Well it is essentially one question and simply put, "Why do we need friends?" A tricky question, I feel. We all have friends, or should I say "friends"? But we do not depend on them entirely during difficult times.

I think to answer this question, we need to define what friendship is and who is a friend? Most of you out there might think, "What question is this? Of course everyone needs friends!" But think again. How many of your friends would you rely on and spill all of your secrets, which you are dying to share with someone? None, when it comes to me. I'm sure it is also none when it comes to you out there. Be a sceptic and answer the questions before you come to a decision.

Friendship, in my opinion, is a relationship between any two person that grows and develops gradually. There are stages in a friendship. I'm lucky enough to have cultivated a 7-years worth of friendship to tell you what these stages are. Most of you out there might not have experienced all of these stages yet. I myself am still in the process of experiencing these stages with other friends. Another point to take note of is that I am speaking from a female's point of view. Female friendships are different from male friendships. Maybe it is also different for a friendship between a male and a female. I don't know. But let me make it clear that I am talking about friendship between ANY two persons in general. It might not be true in all the cases, but generally speaking, it is.

The first stage is when you get to know each other superficially. This is why many "friends", who are actually just acquaintances, are said to behave superficially. In this stage, you only get to know who they are, what they are doing, which schools they have gone to, what their hobbies are,why they have come here, what are they working as and so forth. All these details are made known to each other. Next time they meet, they say 'hi' and talk more on details like these. This is the first stage of a beginning of a friendship and in most cases this is also the end. Most of the times, the two of them are not stuck with each other, so they loose touch. Or better still, they loose interest. Haha.

The transition from first stage to second stage is very important and this is influenced by many factors. Body language, character, attitude, personality, compatibility and so on. The friendship takes off very well at this stage if the two persons have matching wavelengths. Meaning both have some things in common. Friendship can still develop between two persons, even if they have opposing views. But only if they find a way to compromise these opposing views. However, an important criteria for a friendship to develop further is that the two people should have something in common. This will make them connect. So at this second stage, as the two persons spend more time together, learn more about the other. When they find some common ground, the friendship starts growing roots.

Until this stage, all you have for the person is respect. You treat that person with some respect during all situations. In the third stage however, informality kicks in. This is in my opinion. Some people might start being informal the instant they meet. They start using "da" or "di" or "dear" very much in the first stage itself. But in most cases, I feel that informality only kicks in when the two friends (from the 3rd stage onwards I shall refer to these two persons as two friends, because this is when they truly become friends, I will explain why later) enter the third stage. Notice that until now, I didn't mention anything about the time frame. The stages happen in any time length, there is no fixed time length. It might take a year or just a month to reach the third stage.

In the third stage, when informality kicks in, the two friends get to know each other's family and circle of friends. This is also the stage when the two friends share some of the things that happen in their lives. But this is not the stage when the two are ready to spill even their darkest secrets to each other. Hehe. No, not yet. This stage is more like settling in stage. Lots of sharing of feelings, problems and achievements in this stage of friendship. Real understanding of each other occurs in this stage. Each might learn new things about his/her friend each day and both come to predict each other's behaviours in particular situations. They do not depend on each other at this stage, not yet. But they feel that they can share anything with this particular friend. In my opinion, this stage of friendship takes a long time to grow and develop. This is like the puberty part of our lives, where real change takes place, hehe. When I say long time, I mean a few years.

The fourth stage is when the two of the friends become really best friends. By now, atleast a few years or so would have passed and all these years they have, by some fortunate event, been always together. Most would be stuck at the third stage. But the transition to fourth stage happens when the two friends have really had an extraordinary moment together. This is something which can't be explained by words, I feel. I have been through this, but I myself cannot explain. I think if my friend, who had asked me this question, had been through this stage of friendship with anyone in his life, then he would have never even asked that question in the first place. Haha. Having said that, this is the last stage of a friendship.

From here onwards, the friendship manifests in different forms, grows and develops further. Both start depending on each other. Respect is still there, but love and affection is also there. When I say depending, it doesn't mean that one can't live without the other. This only means that both of them feel that the other person should be near them during important events of their lives. For example, something small as their birthday or something big as their wedding! This is the stage when true friendship as seen between Karna and Dhuryodhana, Krishna and Draupadi, manifests. I regard this kind of friendship greater than the likes of BGR we see today.

Friendship is something special, especially this kind of true friendship, because it happens between two complete strangers who later discover that they form good partnership or friendship. Whereas the relationship of that between offspring and parents or siblings or any other relatives is because of a known reason. We have been seeing them and knowing them since we were born and so it is natural that such relationships are very strong. But a strong friendship developing between two initially complete strangers is strange indeed!! Haha.

We don't need friends in life, especially those "friends" who do not mean anything to us. But when we do meet someone who we think would make a good friend to us, then we should not let them go. Keep good friends who you think deserve your friendship and let others off from your mind. That is my policy. Emotional attachment only develops at the middle of stage three and all the way through stage four. This kind of emotional attachment is something good and not something that distracts us or disturbs us. I believe that friends can be or inspirations, especially good friends. There are, you may find, lots of good things to learn from each other. There are also opportunities for friends to get rid of their bad habits because of good friendships.

If you do find a good friend in your life, and the friendship ends up in stage four, then I'm sure that person is God's gift to you. In some way or other, your life will surely be influenced by that best friend, and that too in a good way.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Sketch of the week! 2

Krishna is Meera's thoughts...

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Retreat camp: FUN!!

The hinduism camp we attended was really fun! Well, I know what most of us thought about the camp before attending it. That it would be one of those camps which contain lots of talks and quizes, very religious in short. But it turned out to be otherwise. It was really fun with a good balance of games and talks.

We learned a lot about hinduism. For me personally, I feel very ashamed of myself after attending the camp. Being a hindu, a product of the very old vedic culture, I am really ignorant of the many gems hidden in our culture. I do not want to stay that way anymore. From now on in my life, I'm going to make it a point to learn as much as I can about Sanatana Dharma. Being in Hindu Society in NUS has really helped me realise a lot about hinduism.

I was really impressed to meet so many youths interested in making a difference to the people by getting involved in community activities. After seeing all this, I feel I have wasted my whole life. I met a fellow NUSian, Ambika. She was actively involved in hindu centre activities and also has her own group of non-profit, volunteer-based organisation called "Karangal". They bring Indian children who have serious illnesses like cancer and leukaemia outside to spend time with them, having fun. They also raise funds to help these children to get some treatment. This has really opened up my eyes to today's youths. They are very good and active nowadays. Better than the youths in the past I guess.

This whole camp experience was an eye-opener for me in a lot of issues. Thanks to the facilitators who organised this camp: Devanand, Sugumaran and Susantharan. Thanks guys!:)
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ninaithu Ninaithu

Hi everyone! This is another song I sang (it is without music). I sang it just on impulse, although I wanted to do this song for a long time now. Exam stress really pushes one to do unusual stuff!

Movie Name: 7G Rainbow Colony
Song Title: Ninaithu Ninaithu
Original Singer: The wonderful Shreya Goshal!!

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You can download it here too.

Hey stay tuned to a surprise news!! It's not confirmed yet, but I will let you all know soon;P
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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sketch of the week! 1

Hi, this is me with a sketch of Kannan!! Imitation sketch. Meaning this sketch was done by copying a drawing. Nothing special about doing that. But here it is. I'll try to post a sketch every week, or once a fortnight;P

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Friday, November 30, 2007


Reading back the previous entries in my blog, I realise that I have changed a lot. My previous entries that I wrote in the start of this blog, they look really ridiculous now to me. It makes me wonder who this girl is? Haha. I've had that many changes within myself. Events that happened and that are happening in my life are changing me, hopefully into a better person.

I've been an atheist, and I still am. But I have come to understand how others understand God. I've also come to respect that. I can also define God in my own way. Also, learning more about Hinduism has made me interested in it! Now I've totally become a full-blown Hindu. I've also become a vegetarian recently, becoming aware of myself. People say I changed suddenly, but to be frank, these changes have been in me for a long long time. It's just that I've never really taken the effort to make a change! And a sudden jump into something alien to others, makes them think that I changed suddenly.

I've been like all other girls in life, in the past. I once had planned out my life with a loving husband, kids and a happy family. Haha. It seems ridiculous now, because now my views on these issues are also totally changed. Now my future only contains my career and ambitions for life. This transformation seems like a lot, but it was a gradual change of mind.

First, later in life, I decided not to have kids at all. I don't like them that much after all. But I kept it to myself, I didn't want to upset my parents and I didn't want my friends to know that too. But now I don't really care, I just voice out my opinions to them. Then the next step in this transformation happened when I started thinking "why marry at all in the first place". This was a year to half month ago. I can't remember exactly when.

I have always valued friendships much higher than BGR. When my friends, one by one, started going out with guys and having boy friends, I didn't really see the need for that in my case. I was happy by being just friends with one or two guys. I also truly believe that it is possible for a guy and girl to be just good friends forever. People will think I am crazy if I also add here "even after marriage". Haha. But that is my opinion, and I truly think it is practical. Why others think its not practical, I can understand why, but it is definitely possible. Maybe not for them because, they want to have more in a relationship than just friendship.

I am lucky to have been meeting some people who have similar views to mine, very few though. I thought I might be the only one thinking like that, but there are guys or gals out there having similar opinions. Haha. Who know? Maybe when I look back to this post in the future, I might be wondering who is this girl again!! My views might change, but for now it's almost settled and decided. Avoid marriage as much as possible, but if you are "forced" into it by parents to keep them happy or something, then marry a friend and live with them just as friends. That is my view and I do think it is practical.

Such transformations within myself!! I myself am surprised that I have changed this much. I don't know how or why it all happened. I don't want to dwell into that either. I am happy with the life I'm living right now. Really happy indeed, because I'm doing things that I am very much interested in. Life sciences, Hinduism, helping my friends, readind a lot, music!! I love all my friends and family... What more do I need in life?
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Exam Fever!!

Gosh!! Never in my life have I sat and studied for two whole weeks the amount of syllabus that should be studied over a month, and that too not for one but four modules!! Sigh! Last weeks were horrible. So much of anticipation, fear, frustration and impatience for the exams. I want them to be over soon and I want to get it over with. Sigh! Now has this explained my absence in the blogosphere for a few weeks?

The impatience is killing me and each day passes like a week!! I still can't believe that yesterday was my first exam I sat for. Good, one down, now three more to go:( After that, this blog is going to get a new look for the new year, and a new segment full of some songs I'll sing. I have created some karaoke for gals!! I'll upload them on for you to download and sing!! I'll also upload for guys, songs with girl's voice only. After learning to do minus tracks, I now realise why not every songs can be made into a karaoke. Because for most of the songs, once the vocals are removed, the song doesn't have the original quality anymore. Making karaoke is time-consuming. But I enjoy doing it. I'll do more after exams. Now you see why I can't wait for the exams to be over.

A lot of activities and work is coming up for me during the holidays too. There is this retreat camp for 3D2N!! A hinduism camp for youths, with lots of fun and games. Those Hindu Society (HS) people staying in Singapore during the holidays are going for it, including me!! And so many work to be done by the Publicity, for which I am incharge!! We'll be coming up with a new logo for Hindu Society and with a new t-shirt for our main committee!! NUS HS rocks!! It is going to be 25 years old soon!! And we are the 25th Exco! Sigh! Silver Jubilee will be held next year, during which we'll be launching our new logo.

Until the next post, this is Priya signing off. Bubye!!
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Akkam Pakkam...

Hi. This recoring turned out so well for me. But unfortunately, the echo was really getting way out of hand and does not suit the song. But pls bear with while you listen. I don’t know how to correct the mistake and let it be that way. Thanks for listening:)

Song: Akkam Pakkam
Film: Kreedom
Original Singer: Sadhana Sargam

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The drosophila genetics lab was really informative and exciting, highlighting on a lot of information on clinical research methodology. I have put here some pictures of the drosophila flies. The one with a lot of flies is the one with the wildtype genome. The other is a mutant, which has curly vestigal wings. I got to see mutant flies with wrinkled wings, dumpy wings and so on. The male and female flies were also clearly spotted. The male is usually small and has only three black stripes at the tips. Whereas the female is larger and has more than three black stripes. Pretty interesting characteristics! And the flies are not dead here, they were only paralyzed. I hope the process was reversible! Gosh, so poor things... They look so cute under the microscope. But the hairy body looks so gross!

My attempt at becoming a vegetarian is turning out to be successful! So far, its only been less than a week, but I'm already feeling its not so difficult afterall. I now feel really happy at being a vegetarian and showing my love towards animals, I don't feel guilty anymore. I guess it only works when you really feel for it. I love animals but I'm not showing this in action, in my everyday life. I'm being a contradiction onto myself if I am a non-vegetarian.
But at the same time, I should ensure that I don't feel a complex and look down on people eating meat. This is bad, and I feel most of the vegetarians are like this. There will be a time in some people's lives when they realise and become aware of the cruelty they indirectly inflict on animals, just for the sake of those few seconds of taste.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

long time no see...

Sadly it has been a very very long time since I last posted a proper post. So many things happening in my life to put them all down in a single post, is doing injustice to it. So let's see... Where did I leave? Hmm...

1) Joined NUS, doing Life Sciences first semester... Having fun learning new things.
2) Joined SPS, Special Programme in Science... Very interesting.
3) Joined NUS Hindu Society, love the CCA... Going to volunteer in Theemithi soon.
4) Become an official committee member of HS aka Hindu Society as of 4th October ;)
5) Flunked two of my tests and did quite well in one...
6) Have made many friends... girlfriends and boyfriends ;)
7) Got a new anna in NUS, sweet, affectionate, funny fella... (dei itha nee padichittu irunthaa... enkitte sollu ok?)

Enough info and updates on my life? Haha... A lot more happening but its not prudent to reveal anything as of now. Am I simply showing off that my life is so "happening"? Am I creating this post especially for "someone" to take notice of my life? Am I? Haha... NO! Who would want to think that? This is for those of my friends who missed me during my absence from the blogosphere. I know who they are. And the traffic to my blog is slowly decreasing as far as I can decipher. But today I suddenly got the urge to post something new. I guess I feel very free today.

I'm experiencing a growing interest in hinduism. I don't know why this is suddenly happening to me. But I'm realising a lot about hinduism that I have not taken notice at before. I've never before realised that there is actually a lot more to hinduism than what I see in India. It is the same old phrase that comes in my mind when talking about hinduism: "Hinduism is not a religion, its a way of life" But who follows this nowadays?

There are lots of misconceptions about hinduism nowadays that can only be cleared with a good first-hand knowledge of the scriptures. Or you should have a good guru. Therefore I have taken up Hindu Society in my University to learn more about hinduism and find friends with similar interests. It is really interesting to find more about all the Gems in hinduism.

Being busy is actually taking a toll on me. I have never been so neglectful of my friends, family and myself. Why do Singaporeans lead such a hectic life, I don't understand. The Neeya Naana (You or Me) show between the early risers and late risers was very informative. It seems to be a simple topic of discussion, but it brought up a lot of issues. The problem in Singapore is that everything starts very early in the morning. Schools start at 7am, office at 8-9am, and they end in the evening only. My JC life was like that. I start sch at 7-7.30am and end at 4.30pm or sometimes later than that due to extra-curricular activites.

Thus, we are forced to wake up early in the morning. All this because of a myth that it is generally good do things very early in the morning. Well, this is true if you sleep early at night. First of all you will be able to wake up early and experience the benefits of the morning fresh air and young sun. But going back home at 4.30-6pm, you don't even have enough time to study and sit and talk with your family. You end up sleeping late and the next day you wake up tired. After this, it'll become a vicious cycle. Thus, the benefis of morning are not fully received. Therefore it is a myth. More sleep is not a problem at all, but less sleep is.

There is a society in Britain against the early risers, demanding the office hours to be changed. How sweet is that? Wouldn't it be heaven if offices start late? But it would be even better if they end early. Any way, sufficient sleep is good for health. More than you might think so. Of course you can go without sleep for many days, if you do yoga in a proper way or something. Otherwise you definitely need sleep. A lot of things happen while you sleep. Not only does your body get rest, your brain actually sorts out the information you've taken in for that day. Sometimes if you had gone to sleep thinking about a problem, or crying your heart out over some loss, then immediately the next morning when you wake up, you would have solved the problem you went to bed with and you would have thought it silly to have cried like that. This is what they refer to when people say their mind is fresh in the morning. This has been scientifically tested and proven. And more research is being done.

I think I have spilled enough of my heart for today. Need some sleep. Luckily my lesson tmr starts only at 2 in the afternoon. So I'm planning to wake up late ;)
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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Interesting link

It has been a very long while since I updated anything. It's pretty interesting to find out the significance of numbers in hinduism. One of the commonly used numbers is 108. What is the significance? Well, I am not entirely sure if this website offers the correct vedic answers or not, but they do look good enough for me. Here it is:
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Maar Daala

Hi I'm back with another song... This one is in hindi too.. I want to do a tamil song very much. I will make sure my next song is in Tamil. So guys.. listen to this one and give me your comments...

Try the link below if you are unable to listen to the song here:

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jiya Jale..

Hi there! So here I am again with a new song that I sang. The credits all go to for the karaokes. Thanks. Chumma vetti velai.. Paadum both manasu laesa irukku. So I just love singing. It's really up to you to listen or not. So take your own risk;)

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vaseegara-Zara Zara

Hello people! Nothing much to blog about right now. I don't even have time to think of any topic and the task of blogging itself seems so unappealing to me right now at this moment. So I decided to post this song I sang. I have somewhat mixed the tamil and the hindi version. But I think the hindi version sounds better. Haha:) So be sure to leave your comments and criticisms after you have listened to this song. Thanks:)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Un Paerai Sonnaale

Hello... I don't seem to have much free time nowdays with college work and all. But I do have time to sing and post some songs. So do look forward to them. I won't claim to be a great singer or something. But I love singing and these are some of my amateurish attempts at singing. I've tried my best and will improve as time goes by.

So here's a solo without any music. It's a song from the movie Dum Dum Dum, Un Paerai Sonnaale:

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My podacst on ARR!!

Hi! Ok, I made this podcast a long time ago. But still, I hope you find it nice. It's on ARR, my favourite musician!!

Download here
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jai Hind India!!

It's a great day today! Or not, for some. Today is India's Independence Day. I feel really restless today and I don't know why. I wish I had some Indian friends to celebrate with. I really want to have some Indian friends from India.

Oh, did I tell I prefer Indians from India to those in local? I don't know why, but I feel that those from India seem to be friendlier than those in local. But so far I made three friends from India. That's a good start for now. But we can't really hang out with each other. Two of them are my seniors.

Can a person be capable of feeling loyalty for two countries? According to me, I have two mother countries. One is India, where I was born and brought up or the first ten years of my life. The other one is Singapore, where I was educated for the next ten years of my life. It's not the question of towards which country I feel more loyalty. But if it is possible to feel loyalty towards more than one mother country.

I feel more at home in India. Because that is where all Indians reside, obviously. But there are reasons above that. I have felt the total experience of falling in love all over again each time I fly to India. Because it is not always what you had seen last time you went to India. It is completely different each and everytime you step your foot into India. India is emerging quickly. Poverty has not fully vanished. But I hope the people and the government will do something about it.

I feel loyalty to Singapore too because I feel living here to be more easy than living anywhere else around the world. I have been and am being educated here. I am receiving tution grant from the education ministry just like all other students. I don't think I would get such education elsewhere. I am really glad we came here. I would have been a completely different Priya if I had stayed in India.

So I love both places. But I hope to settle down in India one day! Maybe when I have grown old, I may go back to my mother land. Let's say I have only a few months to live because I have a disease or some condition. I would spend three quarters of my time here, because most of the important people in my life are here. I would then spend the rest of my life in India, with my relatives and friends there. There is certainly a lot more things I would want to do. But this is a general idea.

I might seem sentimental. But hey, this is me. The truth...
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


It certainly has been a long time since I blogged last. I was really busy with other things pertaining to my University education. I got into NUS, as you all know. So now I am in the process of securing my modules for the first semester.

NUS truly fosters independency and self-reliance. I just love the University campus and I really can't wait to start school next Monday, 13th. The matriculation fair went really well. My friends were such dears that they waited for me. Their turn was earlier than mine, but they waited for me too. I'm really touched you guys. Thanks:)

I saw and I know that a lot of Indians from India are staying in the campus or living outside. They are here to pursue their degrees. But they are in for a great shock, if they have never been exposed to such a learning environment as in Singapore. It is competitive, no question about that. But it is also knowledge-based learning. You have to think for yourself! It's nothing like what or how they teach students in India. It's not rote-learning.

NUS gives a lot of importance to critical thinking and innovativeness. A lot of rights to free speech and independence. You get to choose your modules too, you know. You get to take cross-faculty modules, other than those required to secure your major. That's what I'm doing now. I was already allocated some essential modules that I have to take for the major I chose. I chose Life Sciences (Major in Biomedical Science).

So I was allocated some basic modules like Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics and Organic Chemistry. I am also in the process of bidding for General Education modules. I will be taking just one such module. It is titled "The Search For Life On Other Planets"! It's a pretty interesting module. I love it.

I have also applied for this Special Programme in Science. A wonderful place, where I can get to interact with more people who love science just like me:) I attended the interview and I really really hope I get it!! Then I will have five modules to take this semester. Students can take only 5 modules per semester. But if their results are good, they can take upto 10 modules per sem!! That will be one crazy ride!! You will keep hear a whooshing sound going past you very frequently and that will be your life!

My wonderful dad bought me a new Sony Vaio laptop for my University studies! It's simply great. And now, there is wireless at my home too. So I can surf the net from my room. I realise I'm getting more and more independent. I really like that. But it doesn't feel as good as when I was going for my job. Because with my job, I had my own allowance money. But now I feel crippled because I am back to asking my dad for my allowance. I guess I have to study hard and wait until I finish my honours. Then I can start living on my own again.

Here's my laptop:

At first, I wanted to buy coloured ones, like white or green. Pink was disastrous, eventhough it was my favourite colour. It looked very dull and was China-made. This model is Japan-made so it's slightly better. The surface is rough and so no possibility of scratches. Lovely look and light weight of 1.85kg. Very suitable for student use.

So I guess enough of updates. I have to go back to bid higher points, so that I will get those modules. So did I forget to tell you that NUS modules have to be secured by bidding? We are given some points at first, and we use that to bid for the modules. Whoever bids the highest and is within the quota, gets the module. A bit confusing at first, but later I got used to it. So I'm whooshing off now:)
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rajini and Religion

Dr.Richard Dawkins always says that religion has acquired an unique status that enables others never to speak ill of it. You cannot criticise your own or others' religion in public. You can, however, do so in private among your close friends. Such high criticisms on religion and how it poisons the minds of the people will bring about much chaos from all corners, if made known to the public. In our world, atheists are still a minority only.

Now, why am I comparing Tamil actor Rajini with religion? To say that Rajini has also acquired such an unique status, whereby you cannot criticise him openly, in public. You will be mauled by his enormous number of fans. What Dawkins days is very true. Everything in this world should be able to be subjected to criticisms. Why should anyone or anything be put on a pedestal?

So you are asking me what is there to criticise super star Rajinikanth? I have a nothing to criticise him about. I disagree with few of his methods to attract his fans. But there is nothing to criticise him about. However, I'm saying that he should be able to be subjected to criticisms by those who are or are not his fans.

In almost every show I see, each and everyone of them praise him and like him. I would ask, well what has he achieved, that I could also follow him and take him as my inspiration? According to me, nothing. So I do not care about him and I have nothing against Rajini. But these people just blindly quote him to be their inspiration. If they are actors, well it's understandable. But even the general public? Why does everyone have nothing critical to say about Rajini? Why do they all just follow the crowd?

Well, you can ask me, those who know me well. Why do I like Vijay, if I am ignorant of Rajini? You might say I'm being an hypocrite. Let me be clear. I do not like Vijay as an actor. I do not approve of his ways of acting in those so-called masala movies and wasting his talents. But I likie Vijay as a person. And they don't call him 'Ilaya thalapathi' for nothing. He has talents. He's just wasting them right now.

I have watched a lot of Vijay's interviews. I like the person I saw in those interviews. His personality, his like for aloneness and all that, I like it. I like his chubby face. I liked him a lot in 'Kathalukku Mariyaathai', 'Bhagavathi', and 'Puthiya Geethai'. In Kushi, he was fantastic! But he's just simply wasting his talents in movies like 'Mathurey', 'Thirumalai' and 'Sivakasi'.

I would really like it if Rajini does good roles, like some hollywood actors in movies like Die Hard, or Mission Impossible. I don't like it when people act typical tamil actor roles. Like a hero, saving the heroine, fighting the villains and all that.It's quite boring. Tamil film industry has still a long way to go. I also agree with Dawkins, that nothing should be left out when it comes to criticisms.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Disclaimer: This post is NOT a spoiler. However, there are certain crucial information presented here that could give good clues for those fans out there who have not read the book yet.

Finally, I have finished reading the 7th book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. What a read! The story has so much complexity about it. I had to read the book again to understand why exactly such and such happened.

But it was a fascinating read. I really enjoyed and was saddened by a lot of events happening in the story. I don't understand how can certain people disregard this series as children's stuff, not being interested in the books at all. They are missing out on a lot. Movies certainly don't give that amount of satisfaction.

So many deaths, and all lost hope in the middle of the story. I almost cried, feeling so much for the characters and their predicament. As you all know, Harry and his friends are set out to find the horcruxes. But they meet a lot of obstacles along their journey and near-death escapades.

Who said that this is children's book? I don't think that children can understand the intricacies and the emotions explained in this book. Especially about Death. Only teenagers and adults are capable of understanding them.

A well-presented magical book by JKR. Never have anyone waited so longingly for a series book like they did for Harry Potter's. But it is all so sad that Harry Potter is no more. All there is to wait is for the movies to come out in the following two to three years.

All I can say after I've finished reading the book today morning at 2am, is that the story's climax resembles that of Sivaji's. But it is presented in a more logical way than in Sivaji. And what more, I love Severus Snape!
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Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Like...Duh. But Fun

You Are a "Don't Tread On Me" Libertarian

You distrust the government, are fiercely independent, and don't belong in either party.
Religion and politics should never mix, in your opinion... and you feel opressed by both.
You don't want the government to cramp your self made style. Or anyone else's for that matter.
You're proud to say that you're pro-choice on absolutely everything!

You Are Romanticism

You are likely to see the world as it should be, not as it is.
You prefer to celebrate the great things people do... not the horrors they're capable of.
For you, there is nothing more inspiring than a great hero.
You believe that great art reflects the artist's imagination and true ideals.

You Would Choose Money

You know that love doesn't always last forever - but money can.
Why bother with jealousy, petty fights, and hurt feelings?
You rather just go shopping!
And while marrying for money may be lonely, you'll always be well dressed, well traveled, and well fed.

You Are Very Skeptical

Your personal motto is: "Prove it."
While some ideas, like life after death, may seem nice...
You aren't going to believe them simply because it feels good.
You let science and facts be your guide... Even if it means you don't share the beliefs of those around you.

Your Brain is 47% Female, 53% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

What Your Hands Say About You

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Flexible and broad minded, you can fit in to any situation. There's no telling where your life will take you.

Brainy and intelligent, you are intellectual to the point of being incomprehensible.

Your emotions tend to be nervous and potent. Your energy - both positive and negative - deeply impacts your life.
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter...

I love Harry Potter, do you?? I guess not. Some people out there don't like Harry Potter and are not at all interested in it. Like me and some others who don't like Sivaji, but a lot of other people like it.

But you just can't deny that a majority of people love Harry Potter. It's self-evident. The author is now many times richer than she was before writing this sequel. Why? Because a lot of people buy her books. Why? Because the story is magical, the imagination is ecstatic. JKR is really a genius to have come up with something like that.

The intricacies involved in the story is simply mind-blowing. To imagine that she took 5 years to finish the plot of the story! She deserves all that money she has made. I hope she writes more other sequels. Not exactly about Harry Potter. With all these Save Harry Potter campaign, I don't think the people really want to save the Harry Potter sequel from ending. All they want it JKR to continue writing more such sequels basing Hogwarts and it's magical creatures. I hope that she will write too.

Anyway, I'm happily and eagerly waiting for the 7th book! I've pre-ordered my copy. I don't know who is going to stop me from peeking to the back of the book to find out the ending! God help me!! If there is a God...
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Why I Read...

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. At least, as the saying goes. But it is not enough as to the reason why I read a lot. My friends think I am such a bookworm. One of them even went to the extent and said that I would probably never stop reading till my grave!

Reading is not an exercise to the mind. It is an exercise for the reasoning mind. I learned a lot from reading. People seek knowledge while reading books that convey vital information. But not all books are of such kind. You have to search for books that interest you. You have to be intelligent enough to look out for credible authors, being able to give you the correct information without any bias, or bad logic.

Books are definitely the source of the knowledge I’ve gained this far. And it will be for the rest of my life. I want to write a book, fiction or non-fiction, in the future when I am ready. I have that much passion for books, especially non-fiction. I also read philosophical fiction, detective fiction, in the likes of Agatha Christie and Ayn Rand.

Non-fiction books have much to offer to the knowledge bank compared to fiction. If you want a good entertainment for your mind, go for fiction of any kind, romanticism, horror, comedy, suspense, thriller and mystery. If you want to experience some growth of your knowledge bank, go for non-fiction. But whatever it is, reading is a very good way of conditioning your mind.

As humans, we are very capable of thinking for ourselves. We don’t always have to rely on others and follow the crowd. Instead, we can devise our lives for ourselves. Such individualistic streak can be obtained from reading books critically. That’s because reading requires us to think about the issue or subject written on our own.

Reading is also an endless journey. After reading one book, the book itself will direct you to another similar or entirely different book. Or you may want to pursue similar topics in a different viewpoint. Reading widely, now that’s very important. You will gain more confidence about your intelligence by reading widely.

Well, everything will go fine if you read. But one thing you have to care of is your eyesight. Reading too intensely for long hours is very unhealthy for your eyes. At every 30-minute interval, you have to stop reading and look somewhere far. Relax your eyes. Then go back to your book. Or you can close your eyes at regular intervals for a while and rest. This will elongate your reading time. You don’t have to get tired easily and abandon reading just for that.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

100th Post!!!

So, this is officially the 100th post of my blog! And so I'm going to change the layout of my blog again. I can't seem to help it. What can I do? You people have to bear with me. I hate to remain the same throughout. I like changes. I tend to get bored quite easily.

I want to start something new. Like a series this time. Yesterday night I was feeling so excited that I could barely go to sleep. I don't know why. But it happens to me occasionally. Especially, if I have a lot of thoughts going on in my mind. Or if there is something interesting to happen the next day. So I decided no harm is going to come to me (I don't care about the others) if I list down the musings of my mind. Well, it's quite hard to recollect and write the thought flow of my brain (if it has any flow at all!). But I will do my best. I will have to ignore my personal thoughts that are only meant for me. You can imagine whatever that would have been, I don't care, honestly.

So before I went to bed yesterday night, I was reading Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged . So here are my thoughts:

"How could Rand put everything in words so properly? And they say that she is not a good writer at all! Like she said, 'The motive power of man is his moral code.' How true it is? I have thought about such things but have never found the right words to phrase it up like she did. I don't know if I should include this in my blog tomorrow. But what the heck? I should not listen to anyone saying that I should stop ranting about Rand. But I should stop because I think that I should. Enough of Rand."

"I love my family so much. I mean, last time I used to find them a bit off my level. But I realise now they are quite open-minded about me. They give me a lot of freedom and trust me a lot. I don't feel thankful to them for that. Because parents should only control their children up to a certain age. After that children should be left on their own. Be it parents or anyone, they might have the right but it doesn't mean that they own the children. My mum is fine with me doing things my own way. But it's just dad, who is a bit worried me. And I don't know for what reason."

"Incidentally, do you think that parents have the right to demand that the children take care of them when they grow old, like they took care and provided for their children? First of all, the parents made their choice to have children and therefore it's their responsibility to provide for us, no matter of what choice we take when we grow up; to care or not to care. If they provide for us with the expectation that we will help them later in their life, then there is no true affection involved in the parent-child relationship. The couple should have made the decision to provide for themselves only. But as children we have to help the parents in their old age, when they are incapable, both financially and physically, to take care of themselves. I mean, they are our parents who brought us to this world, who gave us life. So essentially, by helping them, you are helping yourself. I don't know what I am blabbering at this time of night. But yeah. They don't have the right to demand. But we should help, when necessary, not to earn a good name, or to collect 'punniyam' or crap!"

After some private musings...

"Why are my relatives so narrow-minded? Gosh! I can't imagine how they manage to live in that filthy house with filthy conditions. It's not like they don't have money at all. My uncle's house is very small, enough for just two people to live. They could have used the money to renovate the house, maybe? But they used it to buy a bigger TV. Can you imagine my shock? Why do they draw a line around themselves and refure to come out of it? And my cousins... All they care about are trivial things such as sarees, embroidery, jewellery, cinema and so on. And all they ever think of is marriage. After that, their life is over. That's all. Full stop. But why should I muse and rant about them. It's their own problem that they are like that. It's just that, I couldn't talk to anyone normally. I just couldn't bring myself to talk about stuff like that. It seemed so boring. It was like they were just talking for the sake of talking. Just for time pass. Luckily there was Keerti, and we both started off at the same level."

So then after this final musing, I started to scold myself to go to sleep. Because by this time, I was twisting and turning on the bed! And in my thoughts I do keep referring to someone called 'you'. Like talking to a person in myself. I guess a lot of people think like that. It's like there is an person in each and everyone. I guess that is what the hindus call the 'soul', made of the five elements and of the five senses. So until next time....
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transformers...a great movie

Warning: Spoiler Ahead

Yes! Transformers movie was simply great and a movie worth watching again. The attraction felt towards those steel metals, or simply called the non-biological entities, are definitely long-lasting. It's a great movie with a truly Steven Speilberg's touch! ET was such a fascination. The same can be felt with Transformers.

Even Fantastic Four: The Rise Of The Silver Surfer wasn't that great. The movie's climax was superb. But it failed to keep the audience glued to the screen. But Transformers was really a feast to our eyes from the moment our butts touched the cushion seats.

The idea of technology, like a car or radio, turning into living and feeling robots is a really wonderful imagination. Even more wonderful thing about this movie are the graphics and the long climax. It keeps the audience at the edge of the seat, eventhough the climax is somewhat predictable. I like the story, because the robots here are not mentioned as just mechanical objects. They have emotions and a personality.

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and is responsible for finding the Cube and defeating Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. Bumblebee is the cute yellow car, he's a bit sensitive and has great pride. Jazz is a style freak, he loves human culture. And so on. The Decepticons, on the other hand, want to take over the universe by manipulating the technology found on Earth.

Between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, I don't know which one is my favourite. I like the both of them. The responsible one and the cute, sensitive one. But I like Optimus more. He has a great heart (not literally speaking). When the autobots ask him why should they fight for the human race, Optimus replies that the 'freedom (to choose) is the right of all sentient beings, including themselves.'

The movie has no lack of humour and comedy. There is a correct balance in this area of the movie. The actors and actresses also did a splendid job. Especially the main teenager character 'Sam'. He's playing the main role, because he owns the clue in the finding of the cube. So in a nutshell, the survival of the entire human race is underneath him. All he has to do is to trust the autobots, and not the decepticons. All in all, it's an enchanting movie. The story is just right, not too complex and not too simple either. But the climax was predictable, the cube being destroyed and all. Graphics, superb! Go watch the movie. I'll give four stars for the movie.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from short vacation..

Well, I feel so much relieved to be back from India, with all that heat and sweat I've experienced. Once is enough. I should only be going back there in two years' time. I don't know why I feel so foreign when I went there this time. Previously it was not like that at all. I guess I'm getting used to the Singapore environment. Well, if you ask me, I have no intention of going back there. Somehow I feel it's easier to live in Singapore. It feels better to go to India once in a while.

But this time, I felt it was kind of boring. Except for the times I spent with my nephew, Keerti. It was because we were so much in sync with each other and our conversations were really good. Time flew when I was talking with him. Finally, I was thinking if I will ever meet anyone who has similar thinking like me there in India. But I never expected a 15-year-old to turn up like that! Still, that gave me hope that there should be people like that. You are asking me, people like what? Well, I don't know exactly how to describe. But I will know when I meet someone like it.

Actually, I nothing to say for now. Except that i'm back and am feeling really neutral. So I'll really start blogging as regularly as I can.

Shopping for University starts... Expenses until now - $139.20!! Still more to go...
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Live for yourself...

It is very difficult to be selfish. Selfish, in it's true form. Not possessive. People always confuse possessiveness with selfishness. For me, to be selfish is to just think about your own needs and interests. Then reason and act accordingly to fulfil these needs and interests. Here, you have to take note, I did not add "disregarding others' needs and interests". I think I have already made myself clear about this in my previous post.

I realised that until today, I have lived and am living a life just to please others. A lot of the things I do in my life, I have been doing so as to please others. Others include, my parents, relatives, society. I have just never realised it until one day. It is happening in everybody's life, but nobody realises it at first. A child is trying to please it's parents, a wife is trying to please her husband and in-laws, a man is trying to please his boss, a woman is trying to please the society. I want to ask here, wtf? Who ever thinks and cares about pleasing oneself?

Have we ever lived a life just to please ourself? Have we ever went to school because we love it so much? Or have we ever done something in life just because we want to do it, not because we are told or forced by someone? For me, if I were to live according to my parent's wishes, I will study, marry to one and one guy only, have kids and live 'happily ever after'. If I were to live according to myself, I will study, not marry and live life as it comes.

As days pass, I am beginning to think 'radically' about all the things in life always taken for granted. I want to live my life for myself and duh, who's going to stop me? I am also starting to 'let go'. It's like a transition period in my life. Even death doesn't frighten me anymore. I'm starting to live life for myself, such that if I were to die now, I'm happy. Even with unfulfilled wishes and unsaid love. I don't know how long this feeling will last. But living life for oneself is so much better than living for others. It's like Vijay's character in Puthiya Geethai. That is the only movie in which I like Vijay a lot.
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Selfishness Is Virtue

Some of them, like Ayn rand, have said this. Some of them have condemned it, praising altruistic behaviour. But is it possible to be truely altruistic? To help others, disregarding our own self-interest. Is it truely possible?

As humans we are born selfish. Selfishness is our true nature. But like they say in spiderman, everybody loves a hero. A hero who sacrifices himself and his desires, his wants for the 'greater good'. Gosh! Cut the crap man! Or like they say, "Give me a break!" I hate people behaving like self-sacrificing animals for all the wrong reasons. Well, not exactly wrong. But reasons that are not logical, shall we say?

People give stupid reasons when asked why they did something altruistic for the poor people or for the ill people. Well, at least i think they are stupid. People do good because they go by the Book. People do good so that they get praised and be put on a pedestal by others. People do good because they want eternal rewards in there after-life. People pretend to do good, to attain power and control.

But the truth is, we all do good for some selfish reason. Even Mother Teresa should have had some good selfish reason to have done what she had done. Even if it was just some pure personal satisfaction. Why not be selfish, then? Take care of ourselves, first. We can only give love to those who we think deserves our love. Be selfish. Be honest. I think only selfishness and honesty are two true virtues. When I say selfish, I do not mean taking care of your own interests with "disregard to that of the others". I only mean, taking care of your own rational self-interests and being an end unto yourself. You don't expect others to sacrifice themselves for you and you should not sacrifice yourself for others.

We have to value our existence. In my previous post, when I quoted the bible verse, "Love the Lord thy God...", I interpretted the word "God" metaphorically. To me, it means "love your existence". To me, Man is God. There is a God in everyone of us. Someone there in us who knows what is right for us, what wrongs we do. It makes us feel guilty. It guides us through darkness. This might just be an illusory feeling. But there is a God in each and everyone of us. Let's find it inside us and not outside.

***The ideas presented in this entry are not entirely mine. Some of the credits and copyrights go to philosophical ideas of Ayn Rand and Osho. I borrowed some from here and there.***
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Purpose Driven Life?

I have heard about Rick Warren's book called "The Purpose Driven Life". A lot of people have told me that the book is really good and that it has helped them a lot. So I borrowed this book from my friend to read it during the weekend. But before I talk about the book, I would just like to give this disclaimer. I am not here to criticize the people who have read, or reading, or are going to read the book. I am only criticizing the writer and the writings in the book.

But who am I to criticize the writer? Afterall, Rick Warren has done a lot in his life and he is certainly well-qualified to write this book about Christian faith. So on second thought, I am only critizing the writings in this book.

When I started reading the first chapter, no matter how hard I tried to read every word and sentence patiently, I couldn't go on. I wanted to read this book to understand how people of christian faith try to spread their faith. So I tried reading it patiently, trying to understand. But finally I had to start skipping certain pages. After that I started to skim through all of the pages and read certain paragraphs closely. Gosh! It was that boring! And I couldn't believe that people actually say that this book is great. It is nothing more than a Christian Self-help book, no matter what the author writes to convince us that it is not.

The book is also filled with contradictions. Both self-contradictions and contradictions with what the Bible actually says. For example, one part of the book says that God was so grieved that nobody lived to please him except for Noah, that He wanted to wipe out the human race. Another part of the book says that the God knows that we are incapable of being perfect or sinless and yet he still loves us. Not to mention Rick Warren's cherry-picking of verses from the bible. It's self-evident that the book is so biased.

In Matthew 22, Jesus says, "thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind". In the book, Rick's interpretation is that our love for God should be heartfelt and genuine. But how can you love God genuinely? Do you know Him? How can you love someone who you don't even know about? During the times of the Bible, people were well aware of what they were talking about. The historical events in the bible happened near their time and so their beliefs in God and their love for Him were stronger. But now it's already 2000 years since the events claimed to have been happened.

Rick's cherry-picking has done much damage here. We should not misinterpret the words of the scriptures. Everything should be read, both good and bad. The verse continues, "And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself". Love you neighbour as you love yourself. Because he is none other than you, but just in another form and shape. Before you love God, you have to love yourself first, and then other fellow human beings. But Rick condemns selfish behaviour. Because loving yourself is a selfish thing. But this doesn't matter. This is just my opinion based on my other book readings.

The book also focuses much on the Intelligent Design theory. But you know about me. You readers know that I'm an atheist when it comes to supernatural gods. So I viewed the writings of this author sceptically. I don't believe in the ID theory. But if I have to believe in it, then I face a big problem. If everything and everybody is indeed created by God, then who created God? If God is the father of Jesus and God created Jesus, then who created God? The problem doesn't stop there. The predicament continues infintely. If it is true that every design has a creator, then who is the creator of the creator?

Well, I'm going to finish reading the book. Anything else to say, I'll do that in my next entry.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's been almost a month since I updated my blog. Well, need you ask? Lots of things to do and not to mention my mood swings. Getting depressed as days pass by. But at the same time, I'm getting excited about attending University. What an ironic period in my life?!

I also got bored with my plain looking blog and considered switching to wordpress. Wordpress has a lot of themes and moreover it's an open-source blogging platform. But changed my mind, considering the downs of wordpress. Nothing matches blogger. The only problem with blogger right now is it's lack of templates, especially to those newly switched to blogger beta. Hopefully this problem has been or will be solved. But for now, I have made some changes to my blog.

Nothing much has been going on in my life right now. There'll be more excitement when I enter University and when I have more to blog about. I have also not read any interesting books to discuss about them. Just spending my time reading some scientific stuff.

At work, interesting things are happening. There are two new 3rd year students from NUS and one NTU student in our lab. Considering the practical aspects of scientific research, it seems like I know more than them! I was really shocked to know this. I didn't realise the benefits of this five-month internship when I started my job. But now I realise that I'm actually ahead of most of them who have never had any previous experience of research attachments. I've learned quite a lot of techniques in this lab. SDS-PAGE, Immunoblotting, Genotyping, PCR, Immunofluorescence, Histology work and a lot more.

For the past few days, I've been thinking about this blog. If you dig deeper to my previous entries, you will find a very different Priya. This blog has actually helped me to see a transition of myself. I am not the same kind of person I was when I started this blog. Is there more room for me to change? I don't know, only time will tell me the answer.

I want to write a long entry, but right now, I feel tired and want to sleep. So I'll come up with a longer post (or a shorter one, 'cause I can't really tell and 'cause I hate making promises) when the time and my mood coincides perfectly;)
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

--Wynand asked:
“Howard, have you ever been in love?”
Roark turned to look straight at him and answer quietly:
“I still am.”
“But when you walk through a building, what you feel is greater than that?”
“Much greater, Gail.”
“I was thinking of people who say that happiness is impossible on earth. Look how hard they all try to find some joy in life. Look how they struggle for it. Why should any living creature exist in pain? By what conceivable right can anyone demand that a human being exist for anything but for his own joy? Every one of them wants it. Every part of him wants it. But they never find it. I wonder why. They whine and say they don’t understand the meaning of life. There’s a particular kind of people that I despise. Those who seek some sort of a higher purpose or ‘universal goal.’ Who don’t know what to live for, who moan that they must ‘find themselves.’ You hear it all around us. That seems to be the official bromide of our century. Every book you open. Every drooling self-confession. It seems to the noble thing to confess. I’d think it would be the most shameful one.”
“Look, Gail.” Roark got up, reached out, tore a thick branch off a tree, held it in both hands, one fist closed at each end; then, his wrists and knuckles tensed against the resistance, he bent the branch slowly into an arc. “Now I can make what I want of it: a bow, a spear, a cane, a railing. That’s the meaning of life.”
“Your strength?”
“Your work.” He tossed the branch aside. “The material earth offers you and what you make out of it…”-- The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
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Friday, April 13, 2007

Update pls...

It has really been a long time since I blogged. But all this while I have been having a good time with my family, friends and myself. I have done some soul-searching and have found out a lot about me. I'm really happy and content within me. Reading and listening to Osho has given me that insight of his.

I'm going to India again this June! To Chennai through SQ and then to Salem! We're going to do our home-warming for the house that my father was building. It's complete now and we're very happy. The name of the house is going to be "Haripriyas". Haha:) The first is my sister's name and the next is mine! It's lovely, but we had other names in mind. Like "Geetha Illam", my mother's name. But it sounded like a refugee house or something. Then my dad was making fun like naming it "Geetha Gugai (Cave)":)) Anyway, it's "Haripriyas".

This time the trip is going to be fun because I'm also attending my cousin brother's wedding! They are rich people and so their wedding function is bound to be grand. I feel so excited right now to go India. I'm also anxious about my university application. I'm not worried about the scholarship ones, I don't need them anyway. I know I'll get admission to the science faculty. But still I'm excited to see that in words from the university itself.

Anyway, what am I doing here blogging crap, nothing useful? It's my blog, does it have to be useful or beneficial to anyone in particular? No! Why do people blog anyway? Sometimes it's a nuisance to maintain a blog just for your friends to see. Sometimes we just use it to show off. Sometimes it's just relaxing to sit and rant all you want. For me, it's a journey of revelation. I blog solely for the purpose of meeting people online and to make friends with them. If friends come my way to talk with me and read my blog, I will be glad and happy. If they don't, I'll still be happy to be given the chance to blog.

There is a meditation technique that buddha teaches to his disciples. It's really a very good technique. Just disconnect yourself from everything and everyone. You are no longer a son, a daughter, an officer, a doctor, a hindu, a friend, a man or a woman. Just disconnect yourself and see what is left of you. Then ask yourself who you are. An answer will come, but just disconnect from that too. Then ask yourself again. Then you will realise that no answer comes out of you. This is what you really are. Just be a nobody and you will come to like yourself, to love your aloneness.

I like to remain like a nobody forever. But identity has become an innate part of ourselves that we have to be somebody. No matter who I am and will be in this life, I definitely don't want to be a 'wife'. The tasks that come with that status, are something that I definitely don't want to do at all. I don't need to in the first place. I will never wash his laundry, cook his meals or bear and rear his children. NEVER! I'll never be a good wife, not to mention a wife!

But now that doesn't mean I'll never marry. I have to marry! Atleast that is what the society wants. The society or for that matter our own parents don't really care about what we kids really want. To them, we are just kids, innocent and know nothing. But they know. They know that we need to get married to a good person and they think that that will end their line of duties supposed to be performed.

I'll marry. One day, I will and have to. But not to become a wife.

Oh btw, I'll not tell who the baby is supposed to be until someone guesses it correctly. I'm expecting the first person to be correct and I hope so. I know so:)
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Guess Who?

Hi people. It's been a long time since I blogged. I've been quite busy lately. But enjoying too. Now let's see. Guess who is this in these pictures?

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