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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Polygamous Singapore?! No way...

Recently, in the Straits Times, a man named Ong Kean Hin, wrote about legalising polygamy as a solution to boost birth rates. I was so shocked by that news! Oh my goodness! And i was later happy to see that a lot of people were not at all treating the suggestion seriously. There were a lot of comments givne in forums and newspaper, which were very sarcastic.

One said:

"What an audacious suggestion. In that same sentiment, let women also have two spouses (better still, one in every port!) so she can carry children of every culture and create our own version of the United Nations. Talk about globalisation taking on a new meaning!"

Ong Kean Hin suggested this: "1 S'pore wife + 1 foreign wife = more babies" And so there was a comment posted by this lady from the foreign wife's perspective:

"The writer's proposal is based on the assumption that the foreign wife will be meek and submissive. As a woman, I am not convinced that this is a win-win proposal. In fact, I foresee more marital problems in such a polygamous household, due to the uneven distribution of responsibility."

When you look at the forums of some JCs that discuss this issue, you would be surprised at the level of sarcasm expressed. Let's see...

"Now, let me develop the idea 1 step further: what if we combine the 2 concepts (discussed above) together? ie not only lift the restriction of 1 man-1 woman in a marriage, but also the restriction that there can only be 1 man or woman in a polygamous marriage! Then you end up with several men-several women in a single marriage! Hmm ...... sounds like a legalised sex cult, doesn't it? :-)"

"First Polygamy.
Second Multiple Combination.
Third, Dogs and Cats can inherit wealth.
How about 19 men married 4 rich Cats.
23 women married 8 rich dogs.
Then they married each other.
(19m + 4c) + (23w + 8D)
Who is next?"

"But it'll be chaotic.
Who knows who your father is?
A family tree is impossible.
Not to ention:
It's a question but i seriously do not think polygamy will work if combined."

What else? You would be shocked. Mr Lee Kuan Yew himself suggested polygamy as a solution in his speech in 1986.:

"In closing, he addressed the issue of the dangerously declining birth rate and he suggested that it was erroneous to follow the West in being monogamous and a shift has to be made to steer Singapore away from the disastrous consequences ahead. He recommended polygamy as the solution, for correcting the declining birth rate, for dealing with the problem of the increasing number of unmarried women, for nation building and more..."

I know that there are countries in which polygamy is legalised. Even in the history, and religious texts polygamy was present. Sources state that even Jesus himself was polygamous. Pandava brothers also had only one wife. But recommending polygamy in such a conservative society like Singapore is a bit far-fetched. The whole concept is something that wants to enslave women. I mean, no women would want to be dominated by a man and the reverse is also true. By reverse, i mean that no men would want to be dominated by a woman. Dividing the roles of women into two, like one for having the babies and the other for earning the money, is simply not realistic. The other proposal in terms of the women, one husband for looking after the baby and the other to bring home the bacon, is also stupid. But i think that there is nothing wrong in polygamy if everyone in the family have equal roles and are happy to live in that way. The views expressed above are just a bit twisted.

Anyway, i'm so happy today that exams are finally over. Now i can relax for a while. Went out with my best friends today and had pizza! It was good but not like pizza hut. Then later we had Kesari. What a combination! Pizza with Kesari as a desert. Superb!!:)

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Change is most welcome

Yey!! Just one more exam, and that's the end of prelims. And i can't wait for it to be over. I think i would be even gladder (is there such a word?!), when A'levels are over. Life will go back to normal. I feel like i'm standing on the parapet of a well, which is deep and shallow. And i've only crossed half the length of it. My one leg is dangling at the middle of the well preparing to cross the rest of the length. But any moment i might falter and fall into the deep abyss. I wish and pray that it won't happen so easily.

I feel like whatever i've learnt in JC is going to stay with me forever. I'm not referring just to the academics, but also about the the CCAs i've been in, the different kind of people i've met, my crush and so on. Everything is embedded in my mind. And i can gladly say that my JC life was the best so far. Out of 10, i will give it a rate of 8.5 or so. My secondary school life would be around 7.5. I wouldn't even give it a 5. But i gave it a distinction because my life there was enhanced by my best friends and my Tamil teacher Mrs Subas. In terms of academics, i've learnt a lot of skills useful to my future career pursuit. For example, SPA skill A and written report for our PW. These works were very boring to everyone, i agree. But they are essential life skills. It will give you a hand when you want to do a report on your project or when you are writing your PhD paper. Anyway, that's how i feel... Others might have a different perspective. They are welcome to comment.

One never realises how time changes a person. I mean, i was a totally different person in the past. I was shy, reserved, had conservative views. I was shy to wear jeans and shirt, for goodness's sake! But look at me now. I've changed a lot. I'm not shy anymore like i used to be. I talk to everyone i meet. More and more people are describing me as having a bubbly personality and a cheerful disposition. And i've learned to look at things and people with a critical eye, and not to accept as what they seem to be. Now, where am i leading you to, by babbling away in this manner. Oh yes! I was going to tell you about Logitha. She and I were once very good friends. And as i said, previously i was not that out-going type of person. I was naive and reserved. So i felt and still feel that i never really got along well with her.

Ok, that aside. I was searching for blogs of people/friends that i once knew. That is how i came about Logitha's blog. Well, as i said earlier, I was amazed at how much she has changed. Now she has a boyfriend, a great loving family and so on. I'm really happy for her! I hope that we can keep in touch. Anyway, Logitha, if you are reading this blog, thanks for visiting and do leave a comment. In which i want to know all the details about your life. Like what you are studying, how is your bf and so on. Ok?:)

Anyway, i'll post more soon. Ta ta:P
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

My comment to Suresh's podcast

Below is my comment to Suresh's podcast on his criticisms to Tamil 'masala movies.

Hi! A great podcast from you. Really hilarious! Hope you remember me. I am Priya, who sent you a comment about your podcast on 'You can run but you can't hide'.

I agree with you for most of the random points you have brought up in this podcast. Except for the part about typical 'cliche' movies like thirupathi, madurey and so on. I mean, really these movies totally suck. But you should think about some of the middle class people and the villagers. These people enjoy such movies. Even in the black-and-white movies, the same cliche was observed, but with less intensity. Now its enhanced with fight scenes, graphics, kuthu pattu and so on.

Time has progressed, but these people still have the same mentality. Antha kaalathileyum hero heroin-nukku advice sonnaan, ippavum athethaan. About the kuthu paattu, a lot of people like it that way. Here, in Singapore, they banned the song 'kalyaanam thaan kattikittu oadipoalaama' from telecasting it on radio shows. But still, the teens and adults alike loved the song. Eventhough some songs don't make any sense, like the 'rendakka rendakka' anniyan song, and have very bad words in it, people still like that kind of fast and attention-catching songs.

So, my previous post was his response to my comment above. Listen to it, if you know Tamil. I'll post my views on this podcast later...
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Suresh's response to my comment

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Birthday Wishes I Got From My FRIENDS

Hope you can read this... Given by my two best friends, Kasturi and Kalpana

This is from my best friend and classmate. You can't read this, so let me narrate:

Thank you for being such sweet friend! Really enjoyed your company and your scientific talk, movie talk, entertainment talk etc, etc... Wishing you all the best in whatever you do.
Petrina 06'

This is the gift she gave me: Haw! so lovely... Thank you so much Petrina!!

The one below is from Sriram, my best friend from India:

Hai Priya,

I wish You very"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! "How r u .how r you going to celebrate this b`day?Any special gift for you this b`day? How are your exams going on? I hope you are doing well. (Sriram)

The letter continues with other details, but this is enough i guess.

I also got a testimonial from Manpreet. Must thank her so much for taking the effort to remember my real birthday. Here it is:

priyaaa!! wow, such a looong time gurl how've u been?? ive been missing yall bad newayz juz wanted to wish u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY hv a blast n may gawd bless u.

I'm so happy to have best friends like you people. I will always thank God for giving me such lovely angels as friends. I will always cherish you guys and never forget you. Thanks so much for taking the effort to wish me... Love you all loads...

Pls don't think i'm boasting. i just want to share all the birthday wishes i got from my friends today. My family members wished me too. My mum was the first one to wish me. I'm going out with them later for dinner. We didn't have a cake and all. i just feel awkward celebrting with a cake with my family. If its with friends, its ok. But with family, i think formality is not required. We can all go out and have something outside. It doesn't always have to be a cake with candles and all. I love it just the way as it is now.

Anyway, i thank everyone for making my day brightful, despite it being a prelim exam day.
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Movement Matters

One of the most astonishing and yet disturbing fact about cancer, is that they can spread from one region, where they proliferate, to another. How do they do this? This process is called metastasis. It refers to the spread of cancer from its original site to other areas in the body. This is the main reason why cancers are so hard to treat.

My aunt was once diagnosed with breast cancer. She had an operation to remove the tumour. In that process, one of her breasts had to be removed. However, even after the successful operation, she was still weak. It was later diagnosed that the cancer had spread. I was really depressed when I heard that she had passed away.

Radiation therapy can eradicate the tumour cells. However, some cells remain undetected or they lay dormant for years until unknown mechanisms trigger the cells to start growing and they proliferate, producing a secondary tumour. This is how people get cancer again even after they have gone and removed the tumour. No radiation therapy or anti-cancer drugs can save a person from cancer that has started to matastasise.

However, scientists are working on how the tumour cells metastasise. The process itself involves complex and multiple biological processes that includes alterations in cell–cell and cell–matrix adhesions, cell migration, and changes in growth control that permit tumour cells to grow in places where they normally would not. By tracing the molecules and substances involved in helping the cells spread, drugs can be designed to target these melocules.

I find this area of research really interesting.I'll update more soon. See ya!! Got to mug...

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Motivational Postcards

'One day you will ask me what I love more, You or My Life, and when I will say 'My Life' you will walk away from me without knowing... that you are 'My Life'.

'A wise Physician said to me, "I have been practicing medicine for 30 years and I have prescribed many things. But in the long run I have learned that for most of what ails the human creature, the best medicine is LOVE". "What if it doesn't work?" I asked... "Double the dose," he replied.'

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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Exams have been going on. They are really draining all my energy. I feel like a bundle of energy wanting to burst out, but can't do so because the exams are not over until 23rd of november! I have a lot of things in my mind that i want to do after the exams... Those things are the sole motivating factors that drive me to excel in exams. Hope i do really excel. With what ive done so far, i'm not happy. Math was quite difficult, eventhough it would seem easy once you know how to solve all the questions. Chemistry was unbelievably doable. I thought chem would be difficult. One would never know because i've still not sat for chem paper 1 and 2. Biology was a rush against time. I couldn't give my best possible answers for the qns eventhough i attempted every qns. Tomorrow is physics, my most dreaded subject. I'm not expecting too much from myself. I just don't want to get anything below or equal to a D. My aim is either a C or B. I wonder how my friends are doing. It has been a long time since i sat with them during recess or lunch and had a good talk. I wonder how Kenneth is doing. Because his interest obviously lies somewhere else. Yet he should be working hard.

One thing i'm going to to do for sure after the prelims is to blog everyday, now that i have something on my mind to blog about. I've been listening to a number of podcasts done by this guy i've dubbed the 'podcast guy'. He is a very interesting character. I do not agree with some of the points he made in his podcasts when talking about certain things. So I thought of blogging my thoughts in this matter. I guess i'll save the details for posting after the prelims, which ends on the 29th August or so.

Kasturi & Kalpana: All the best for the prelims jaans!! Persevere. I'm sure we can all do it. (Sounds cliche i know, but what to do? We just have to keep saying the same thing everyday!!)
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Life is Nothing Without Friends

I know that it has been so long since i blogged. I have been spending so much time revising for exams. I know that my prelim results will not turn out to be what i'm expecting. But i'm sure it will teach me a good lesson.

I find these friendship pictures really nice. Kasturi sent them to me via a forward email. I dedicate these to my friends out there, supporting me through this difficult times.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

An interesting podcast...

This is for my Tamil friends because this podcast is in Tamil. Its nothing specific. It's just very hilarious! The speaker is a guy from Canada speaking about his experiences with women. Just listen while you are free. It's around 30 mins long.

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Friday, August 4, 2006

A song...

Upload videos at Bolt.

This is a wonderful love song. I'm sure everyone will like this...
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