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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saying goodbye is tough

Parting from family and friends is difficult. Its going to be a very tough two weeks for me as I say goodbyes to people near and dear to me. Granted that I will come back after six months, it still feels really hard to say goodbye. There is this gnawing feeling deep in my heart that things are changing and will never be the same again. 

Saying goodbye has also taught me how much I have taken my friends and family for granted. For the past 24 years they were with me, I never once longed for them. But now when I think of parting away from them, it really makes me realize this truth. It also makes me feel a little handicapped. I hope I can say a proper goodbye and after all, I'll be back in January... :)


Madurai ponnu said...

hey darling, yes I know it is difficult but goodbyes are not forever. we will all definitely meet again sometime.. memories cherished will always lie close to our heart.. esp science canteen days.. haha.. i wish u all the best in ur course.. chamata pannitu oodi vandhudu. buckets of hugs,
chanchal :)

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