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Thursday, November 16, 2006

My JC Experience

I have reached the end of my life in Junior College. Well, yes it was a fun time i had in college. Not to mention the new experiences and the meeting of pretty weird people. I had a shock on the first day i went to school. Everyone were talking in English!

For those readers out there, you would be saying right now, duh! I know. In my secondary school, most of my Chinese friends spoke Mandarin and i sometimes spoke to my Indian friends in Tamil. But it was not the case when i went to Junior College (JC). I was quite shocked at how refined their language was. My English language skills improved greatly while i was there.

I met all kinds of weird people in JC too. This was the first time i really met "nerds"! People studied really hard in JC. This was also the first time my so-called friends started to talk behind my back. I soon left these back-stabbing people and moved on. I really started enjoying JC only after the first three months. My best friend Kasturi came to the JC and things started to brighten.

I don't know the real reason until now why some people back-stabbed me. I thought i was generally a nice and friendly person. But this girl in my class said that i gave a don't-come-near-me aura. But looking back at it now, we ended up being great friends.

Well, i'm not supposed to be mentioning it here. I don't know what my friends would think if i do. But still it doesn't matter because they know. It's just that this was also the first time i had a pretty long-lasting crush on someone. Well, it's gone now. Totally! It's not that i hate that guy or something. But it was just a crush. Time to move on in life.

I've learned two important lessons in my JC life. First, it is to not to be complacent about life. I was like that the first time when i came to JC. I took it for granted that i could do well in all my subjects and become a top student in college like i did in my secondary school. But it turned out to be a struggle.

Just think about it. School starts at 7.30am. I have to wake up at 5.45am and leave my house at 6.45am. I catch the train and reach school by 7.20am. School finishes at 4.30pm. Sometimes i have guitar practice sessions from 5 to 7pm. The latest i ever stayed for guitar practice sessions was on the eve of a concert. I stayed in school until 10pm, i think. Then when you reach home at around 8pm, when will you ever have time to study?

These two years was like not enough for the most of us. But we managed to finish the syllabus on time and practice a lot for our exams. Not to mention, the stress of getting good passes in physical fitness tests!

Second thing that i've learned is that this is not the end of my journey. In the beginning of this post, i said that i've reached the end of my life in JC. But it's not the end at all. I think of it as the end of the beginning only. My journey will still continue.

During these holidays, in which i have ample amount of time, I'm going to really assess things in my life that i've taken for granted. Things that i've just accepted as facts/reality, my future plans and so on. I'll blog a lot more frequently too, that's something good. I now will also have a lot of time to read books.

And lot's of shopping too. Haha.. I'm not a money spender when i say i love shopping. Shopping just takes my mind off things. It relieves my stress. I think i've gone to Jurong Point a lot of times while i was sad or just needed a break. And i like shopping alone for most of the times. Friends are an added fun.

Lastly, for Kasturi jaan, HaPpY bIrThDaY!! Haha... All the best for all your future endeavours jaan. Have fun today! And i bet you'll have even more fun after next Thursday!!:)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Darling!!!Especially thanks for the surprise birthday celebrations!!Love ya:)

Priya said...

You are most welcome!! I'm online you know.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't put a star on the odeo thing cos i don't have an account...but here's a million stars for u * * * * * * * * * * *...and loads more...your voice is fantastic!!!!

Priya said...

Did you hear the chip-munk version? That's even more funny right? I made a mistake in the merke merke song. Only now do i realise. Anyway, thanks jaan!!

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