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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Big B

It feels like it has been ages since I've updated this blog. It's time for me to fill up loads of application forms and scholarship forms. It's not hard to make any decisions 'cause I know where to go. I've applied for three scholarships so far: CAAS, Firefly and NUS Undergraduate Scholarship. I'm not so confident with the latter because it's highly competitive and there are so many of them better than me academically and aesthetically. So, I'm trying my chances with them. I've applied for two of the local universities: NUS and NTU. To the faculty of science of course.

I know I'm taking a risk by choosing the field of Life Sciences. This is because there is a big biomedical debate going on in Singapore. Moreover, local graduates and PhD pursuers and holders are few compared to foreigners. Most of the local A*STAR scholars do not stay in Singapore at all. They fly off to UK or US looking out for better opportunities and better paying jobs as researchers, not having the idea of returning home. Whatmore, the government might stop funding the Biopolis research agencies and that will be the end of the research era in Singapore. While it is now being called the Biomedical Hub of Southeast Asia, I have little doubt whether the name will continue to stay.

However, I believe I'm making the right choice, by sticking towards my interests. I definitely wouldn't want to take a measly pay of three or four thousand after my PhD. But research has become my interest. In which field is a question that would have to wait. Anything might happen in these four years' of study.

This is a picture taken while my colleagues and I went to Swenson's to have dinner. Fara, the one on the left wearing pink shirt, had just got her PhD. So this is a treat from her for all of us in the WH lab.

PS: Thought I was going to write about the big 'B'? Haha:)


Bei Shi Wong said...

Hi Priya,

I thought you wanted to study Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering?

Bei Shi

Priya said...

Yes, I wanted to. But I like Life Sciences more. I don't want to go into Chem and Bio Eng. It has more of phy and chem in it. I don't like the thought of working in petroleum industry or something related to that. But LS has more scope.

I hope you are doing fine. Have you applied to NUS yet? Which course?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaan...
Just wanna let u know i was here...Love ya!!!

Princess Kasturi

Bei Shi Wong said...

Hi Priya,

Yeah I have applied to both NUS and NTU's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I won't want to work in the petroleum industry as well, I think I will go into pharmaceutical side of chemical engineering. LS is my second choice.

Bei Shi

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