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Friday, September 1, 2006

A random post

Had a good time yesterday, bowling with my secondary school Tamil class friends. I was happy only to a certain extent, though. I didn't like that outing that much. I felt like there was a divide between us, there were obviously two cliques. I didn't like it. But everything went well. I can't say much in here, but i've discussed my feelings with Kasturi.

I was listening to one of Suresh's podcasts again and in it he was explaining why he avoids Indian college-mates/passers by. I was surprised at his views, but at the same time realise that it's true with me too. I mean, i don't avoid them but i would keep a distance from the Indians here. I just find them quite weird. Let me tell about an incident that happened yesterday, Kasturi would know too. As we, a group of Indian girls that is, were walking along the road on the pavement, a vehicle passed by. The driver kept on sounding the horn, we got so irritated. There were a bunch of Indian workers in that vehicle, more than twenty or so people. All were starring at us and smiling, giving that kind of 'signal'. It's called, 'jollu vidurathu' in tamil, right? Aiyo! I hated them. Another vehicle did the same thing as it passed by us.

These people would do anything when they are in a big group. But when alone, they just shut up and keep quiet. I can't believe it. I respect them and the reason why they've come to Singapore and all. But this is simply too much. The Bangal boys are another story. All they do is just stare at anyone, be it an old woman or a young one. Haha... I'm not kidding. Just go to Little India on Saturdays and Sundays, one would just cringe from the numerous stares you get. But I just don't care. I've learned to ignore them a long long time ago. I can survive millions of such stare now. I don't care at all!!

Anyway, I learned a technique that is simply just for fun. Haha... When a guy is walking past you, first look at his eyes and make eye contact with him for a second or two. This is just to let him know that you are looking at him. Then slowly (not so slowly because you're going to walk past him soon) bring your eyes to his shoes/slippers/flip-flops/whatever and stare at it for a while, as if you find it weird or nice. Anything. Then turn away your face from his shoes/slippers/flip-flops/whatever. After he has walked past you, quickly turn behind and look. Make sure he is not turning behind and looking at you too. You will notice that he will be looking down to check his shoes/slippers/flip-flops/whatever!! I found it very funny when i first did it to a middle-aged man. You can do it to a girl too. Go on, try it! Haha...


Anonymous said...


I love doing that to people. They get so insecure. =D

You should also point and laugh loud at them. But probably wouldn't be too nice. =P

Suresh ET said...
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Suresh ET said...

too many typose, reposting my comment:p

hmm it started from my podcast and boiled down to a little prank?

But seriously, all these jollu parties need to slapped in the face. Staring and sometimes ogling at women is one of the worst habits that a lot of Indians develop. Again, it's a part of the sexist attitude that we dearly nurture in the name of culture.

I'll reply your comments in podbazaar, later :).

Suresh ET said...

damn, a typo in the word typo, how silly is that?

Well I might as well use this comment to reply your views on Jo.
I don't know, I've never "liked" anyone from the film industry. I think I'm relatively neutral, whoever I hate or like is because of the products they've given and themes they've endorsed. I don't like anyone in particular (including actresses, directors, music directors). I just have products that I like, not the producers.

While products remain the same the producers don't, they often put you in situations where you cannot defend what they did.

So, I can put it this way, Jo cannot act, her wobbly head suits only one character - that of a woman whose head got wobbly after an accident:p. yeah, I did like her role as the blind girl in Peralagan.

But you're right, other women are much worse than her, so you're left with no choice (if you choose to pick anyone that is).

I had posted a discussion that I had about VV. It's such a terrible movie that has been celebrated by most idiots in the blogosphere. Ivanunga ellam thirundhave maatanunga.

Suresh ET said...

And one more thing, you might want change the blog's template or restructure. The text is pushed all the way to the left with the entire right just empty. I think it's a design glitch you've planned to rectify (adha seekiram panniru).

Priya said...

Hai, Suresh

Thanks for visiting my blog. And for leaving your comments. Yeah, it seems like i'm left with no choice at all...haha.

Oh my goodness! You wouldn't believe how many times i've tried to change the template of my blog. I hate all the other templates given by blogger. I hated the banner and so i spent a long time looking for a nice banner with flowers or a nice drawing in them. But this is what i end up with. It's nice compared to others. i'm still in the process of searching. Regarding the structure of the template, i don't understand what do you mean by a design glitch. Pls explain.

To Logi: wow! you too do that? Great yaar! Pointing and laughing at them is simply too much, i think! This way its much better. You can do this to idiots who keep staring at you or to those dogs who think they are so cool/handsome. Seriously, i pity the construction workers who come here from India and work so hard to earn some money and send it back to their country. But it's so irritating when they stare at you or whistle at you. Some even sing ok? Damn irritating!!

Suresh ET said...

Hey Priya,

By design glitch I was referring to inadvertent modifications you might have made to the CSS codes in your template’s design. Actually the blog page looks fine in IE. Since I use firefox mostly I saw it different I suppose.

About the D word, I wasn’t sure what you were talking about. I just listened the whole podcast again and I noticed I say something like “Muslims are not my favourites because I went through some dramatic experiences when I was young…..not traumatic, just dramatic, well dramatic and to an extent traumatic too”. I think I said something like that, so the D word is probably ‘dramatic’’ ;).

SC/ST refers to scheduled castes and schedules tribes. Let me pull out a wiki link that explains this succinctly.

I would strongly recommend you run through the article below as well,

Yes, most of those who had never been to villages don’t quite know the atrocities done to the so called lower caste people. I grew up in a village for quite sometime and my family still has farms there (it’s been leased now). So my ties with villages were quite strong. I wasn’t a victim but a victimizer. Well, I can give myself an excuse saying that I was too young to realize what I was doing but the truth is, I didn’t have the guts to stand up to my fellow casteist men (and women). Well it’s a long story. Go through my posts ‘Identity and pride’, both parts. It’s pretty long, but it throws light on some of our baseless assumptions about our society’s structure.

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