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Sunday, August 27, 2006

My comment to Suresh's podcast

Below is my comment to Suresh's podcast on his criticisms to Tamil 'masala movies.

Hi! A great podcast from you. Really hilarious! Hope you remember me. I am Priya, who sent you a comment about your podcast on 'You can run but you can't hide'.

I agree with you for most of the random points you have brought up in this podcast. Except for the part about typical 'cliche' movies like thirupathi, madurey and so on. I mean, really these movies totally suck. But you should think about some of the middle class people and the villagers. These people enjoy such movies. Even in the black-and-white movies, the same cliche was observed, but with less intensity. Now its enhanced with fight scenes, graphics, kuthu pattu and so on.

Time has progressed, but these people still have the same mentality. Antha kaalathileyum hero heroin-nukku advice sonnaan, ippavum athethaan. About the kuthu paattu, a lot of people like it that way. Here, in Singapore, they banned the song 'kalyaanam thaan kattikittu oadipoalaama' from telecasting it on radio shows. But still, the teens and adults alike loved the song. Eventhough some songs don't make any sense, like the 'rendakka rendakka' anniyan song, and have very bad words in it, people still like that kind of fast and attention-catching songs.

So, my previous post was his response to my comment above. Listen to it, if you know Tamil. I'll post my views on this podcast later...


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