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Monday, August 28, 2006

Change is most welcome

Yey!! Just one more exam, and that's the end of prelims. And i can't wait for it to be over. I think i would be even gladder (is there such a word?!), when A'levels are over. Life will go back to normal. I feel like i'm standing on the parapet of a well, which is deep and shallow. And i've only crossed half the length of it. My one leg is dangling at the middle of the well preparing to cross the rest of the length. But any moment i might falter and fall into the deep abyss. I wish and pray that it won't happen so easily.

I feel like whatever i've learnt in JC is going to stay with me forever. I'm not referring just to the academics, but also about the the CCAs i've been in, the different kind of people i've met, my crush and so on. Everything is embedded in my mind. And i can gladly say that my JC life was the best so far. Out of 10, i will give it a rate of 8.5 or so. My secondary school life would be around 7.5. I wouldn't even give it a 5. But i gave it a distinction because my life there was enhanced by my best friends and my Tamil teacher Mrs Subas. In terms of academics, i've learnt a lot of skills useful to my future career pursuit. For example, SPA skill A and written report for our PW. These works were very boring to everyone, i agree. But they are essential life skills. It will give you a hand when you want to do a report on your project or when you are writing your PhD paper. Anyway, that's how i feel... Others might have a different perspective. They are welcome to comment.

One never realises how time changes a person. I mean, i was a totally different person in the past. I was shy, reserved, had conservative views. I was shy to wear jeans and shirt, for goodness's sake! But look at me now. I've changed a lot. I'm not shy anymore like i used to be. I talk to everyone i meet. More and more people are describing me as having a bubbly personality and a cheerful disposition. And i've learned to look at things and people with a critical eye, and not to accept as what they seem to be. Now, where am i leading you to, by babbling away in this manner. Oh yes! I was going to tell you about Logitha. She and I were once very good friends. And as i said, previously i was not that out-going type of person. I was naive and reserved. So i felt and still feel that i never really got along well with her.

Ok, that aside. I was searching for blogs of people/friends that i once knew. That is how i came about Logitha's blog. Well, as i said earlier, I was amazed at how much she has changed. Now she has a boyfriend, a great loving family and so on. I'm really happy for her! I hope that we can keep in touch. Anyway, Logitha, if you are reading this blog, thanks for visiting and do leave a comment. In which i want to know all the details about your life. Like what you are studying, how is your bf and so on. Ok?:)

Anyway, i'll post more soon. Ta ta:P


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!
HOW ARE YOU?!?!?!?!
So nice to have heard from you man.

I see that your A'Levels are coming up. All the best for that sweetie. And we were always good friends. How to forget my very first friend in Singapore!!

Oh yes. We've all changed greatly. Some good and some bad changes. But I do have some good friends and an awesome family to point me down the right path. So...hopefully I've made changes for the better. And I see you have too. Less shy now huh? I can't imagine the sweet Priya I knew being all talkative. haha. But it's wonderful. I'm sincerely happy for you. =)

Anyway, wow..long comment. I'll visit your blog often! Leave you comments. haha


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