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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Soulmate? What nonsense!

I think that stereotyping is something that is inherent in all of us human beings. Such views are spurred on by the things that we observe each and everyday, be it in school, home, internet or tv. We would never know that such a belief has already taken its place in our minds.

"Stereotypes are simple, one-dimensional portrayals of people—usually based on sex, race, religion, profession or age. " This is the defintion offered by a site. However, i think that it also applies to things, events, places and our thoughts.

One such common stupidest belief i always encounter is the idea of 'soul mates'. A belief that there is a person born just for you, a person who is predestined to meet you and to become your life partner. If you ask me, it's all nonsense. First of all, i don't believe in fate and luck. I believe that it is our choices that always determine the outcomes, no matter in what situation that choice is made.

The whole idea of 'soulmate' is stupid, if you ask me. A soulmate is someone who meets all the expectations found in a life partner, according to an individual. But if that is the case, then you might have more than one soulmate for all you know(again, i'm making this comment based on my stereotypical view that marriage occurs only once in a person's life).

Moreover, we as humans are constanly on the move. We change according to time and place. Our moral values might take time to change. But our thoughts, opinions and perceptions are constantly changing. Who or what we are today is different from who or what we were yesterday. Then how can one expect a 'soulmate' to meet the same expectations throughout life without change?

Next, another unspoken belief expressed by a lot of women and others is the view that 'life only begins on the day you say 'i do' on the altar of marriage'. This is another insane belief. What nonsense?! You can say it like this: marriage is a part of our life. But marriage is not equal to 'beginning of life'. Then what am i doing now? Am i not living? (God, i could phrase this better if i can speak in Tamil!).

If you want to look at it biologically, life starts 24 hours after copulation occurs, when the ovum divides into two cells. For some, life begins when they are born. For others (including me), life only begins when we are conscious of what is happening around us. But life begins after marriage? I don't think so.

I seem to be ranting a lot on this issue of marriage, love and so on. This is because i attempted an essay during my mock exam last week, which was 'Do you agree that staying single is becoming an increasingly attractive option in the modern society?' It was quite an iteresting topic and i chose to do it. I'm still contemplating on whether the stand i took sounded logical or not.


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