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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Familiar Feeling

Have you ever had that kind of a familiar feeling to a particular place, person or event? You might have never even encountered them before, but you still felt those feelings? Something like deja vu? It happens to a lot of people. Or so they claim.

Actually i don't believe in all those things. But why do i have such feelings? I have been in a lot of situations where i've felt that this has happened before. I feel weird at those times. For example, when i went to Orchard road once, i had that kind of feeling. In my mind i know that a person in orange shirt will walk in this way, and a red car will drive in that way. And the same things will happen! Maybe i'm being paranoid or whatever. But it's true. I've been in those situations a lot.

Two years back, i was really very determined in getting into National Junior College after O'levels. But when i visited the ACJC open house, i felt something very familiar about that place. I felt like i've been there for a long time. I ate my lunch in the college cafeteria and i loved the food there. Then later that night i dreamed about the school and that i was studying there.

But i still had my eye on NJC. I put NJC as my first choice and ACJC as my second choice. Eventhough i had the points to get into NJC, i didn't get a place there because of a lot of competition. I got into ACJC. I really started liking the school after a few months and really felt better for not getting into NJC.

Maybe this event was a chance event and my 'dream' and 'familiarity' have got nothing whatsoever to do with it. But still, such things happen in life i guess. However, it doesn't make any sense. How can you feel something 'familiar' about something or someone you have never encountered before? No matter what, i still don't believe such things can happen.


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