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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Completely Unexpected..

Heya peeps!! Long time no blogging. Sigh.. What to do? Been so busy with stuff, and never even gave any thought to blogging. But today I felt like blogging because something unexpected happened!

You guys who have been regular readers of my blog would know that I had been a non-believer once. Well yes, its true. I have gone through the stage of life that probably most people would have gone through and now I've come out of it. I've reached a stage of maturity to think about God in a different way. And once I've attained this stage, I feel so much more closer to God than ever. Its like no matter how much I tried to distance away from God, He didn't want me to be distant away from Him. That's how I feel like in this instance. I want to be with Him as well :)

A few days back in Singapore, Thirupathi Mahotsavam took place. It was an event from Thurs 17th July to Sunday 20th July. I wasn't able to go and see Perumal for any of the days during which important events took place. Thursday He arrived to the Temple and on Saturday was His Thirukalyanam. I wasn't able to attend these events because 1) It will be very crowded and 2) I didn't want to go alone.

I was lamenting on it on Saturday while I was away with Sankar and Priya for publicity. My heart was all out there in Perumal Temple. I really wanted to go. Even that very night I went back home and was telling my parents that we should visit Thirupathi this time when we go to India.

And then guess what? Suddenly I get a call from Viki and she tells me they need people to help in Perumal Temple in the morning at 7.30am. I felt lazy at that time to wake up so early at 5.30am and so I said I cannot. Then later Sankar called me and asked me to come down. Then I said ok. In the morning I woke up and I was msging Sankar that I couldn't come. Again I was lazy. But something prevented me from msging him. So I didn't msg, I just left for the Temple..

And Thank God I did!! Because it was such a magical experience! I was given the opportunity to not only see Him and get his Dharshan. But also I got the Prasadam! It is of course, laddu made not in Tirupathi but in Singapore.. Hehe... Again then I felt that God wanted to keep me near Him, like I want to keep Him near me. This experience is exactly the same for Sankar.

Let me tell you about Sankar. He isn't the type who volunteers for Temple events like these. Usually he would be forced to get into such things. But on Saturday when he and Adai went down to the Perumal Temple to do publicity, they were stuck outside. Hindu Centre youth wing person Srinivas, brought them in and made them see the God. And someone who came along that way, got introduced to both Sankar and Adai, and asked them for volunteers to help them out on Sunday morning. Out of all the person (Susanth was already in the Temple for the 3 days), they have to ask Sankar! And Sankar ended up having a great experience as well. He and Susanth were escorting Him when Thirukalyanam was performed again on Sunday!!

All these are HIS plans! Nobody would have made this to happen. Random events colliding to give out a result. BUT there is definitely God's plans in all this. And I should definitely say that Sankar has earned a lot of good karma. Probably all of us who were present in the Temple for any of those 4 days did some good karma or have had good karma. The main reason why we ended up in that place during a Sunday, instead of in a shopping mall with my parents or bowling with my friends, should be my karma. Nothing else!

Sankar anna! Hope you read this.. Haha.. I hope I've done a long blog especially after a long hiatus! =) I'm not sure how often I'll post now.. But Seeya! =)


Anonymous said...

sankar anna! shapa... ivanuku vanthe valve paruda! sorry inthe periye manushannuku i mean! anyway, dei when ur planning to get married this would be a good testi to be added in! aana onnu.. ponnu padichittu kaiyile rakhi kattama irundha seri! haha priya ithe vecchiye ithe varsham poora ivane kalaichidalam ma! enne solre..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Priya,

It's good to hear that you have found your way back to God. The peace your mind is at, when you are close to God, is one of a kind. No matter how hard you search, you'll never find it except near him. I'm truly happy for you. =)


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