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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Interesting Neeya Naana episode...

This episode of Neeya Naana, although it is quite old, is really amazing! I am very impressed at the views expressed by the youngsters today. Do go to and watch the entire episode, while I am only embedding the 1st part of the show here:

I think it is the 5th part of this episode videos,in which the topic about thaali (the sacred thread) comes about. Many of the males in the opposition side bravely raised their hands and said that they will not tie thaali in their marriage ritual! I am simply amazed! And not to mention these people are from "staunch" countries like Madurai, Dindukkal, etc., where the tradition and religious practices are deeply rooted in the society.

My personal opinion on this subject matter, on whether marriage rituals are necessary or not, is entirely objective. As long as you do not see any value for the rituals, you don't have to follow it. It is entirely your choice. But because I see a certain value to these rituals, I know they have meanings, they serve a certain purpose, I would go for it.

The so-called sacred thread, thaali, did not even exist back then, many centuries ago! It became a necessity somewhere just a few centuries ago, probably because of Mughal and British invasions. But now, in a free society, I think there isn't any need for thaali anymore.

So back then what ritual was there that thaali-tying has now replaced? You must be wondering... Well, there was a ritual called "kanya daanam". The father of the bride will bring both the bride's and the bridegroom's hands together and join them together. Plus there is the Saptapadi (7 vows taken in 7 steps around the sacred fire). After joining hands, the couple has to take their 7 vows together. That is all there is for marriage, no thaali tying all.

For me, I don't know if I will wear a thaali. I want my marriage to take place as per the original Hindu ritual where there is kanya daanam, and all, but no thaali tying. But I don't know whether this will happen in this way. There is no use in wishing for something and building up expectations for something and in the end, it not happening and you getting disappointed. So I am going to just leave it at that.

Thaali = male domination: Now this is an interesting viewpoint. I never thought about this! But come to think of it, it is really male domination! IF and only IF the males have forgotten that they have to wear their metti (toe ring)!!!


Unknown said...

Efforts and luck neeyaa naanaa vijay tv

On deepavali day vijay tv conducts in its neeyaa naanaa programme whether the efforts are the reason for the success in the cine field or the luck is doing that work.
In one group on the left favouring efforts only one or two faces are known like santhi williams (mother-in-law of Thulasi of Thendral) and that old mustache man (name not known,villain in certain films getting beaten by Rajini) and now in serials. Iman the music director giving only one or two success songs (paiyaa paiyaa o.k.) and Raju Mathuravan (whether the Maina will get the success or not after one week only we can say) and that angry tubbing artist (voice of the marma desam? ) are in this side.
In right the senior artist Nithya is the only known face. The son of Panchu Arunachalam face not known but name heard.(Remember all these are in the angle of only a common man who is seeing the cinemas and the serials regularly and not of a staff of a studio or go worker of various cinema field like direction camera etc). Why I am telling here is to make you realize that you are not at all known to common man.
Left party arques that effort is the reason for success and the right arques it is only fate or luck.
If you get the glorification of the self or ego after a success you will tell that it is effort which get the successs or if you are humble you will say that it is only luck or fate or God’s will which decides the success. After all everybody is having the effort otherwise you will not enter the cine field. Can we forget the babloo introduced by great Balachander. Is he effortless?
The only man who is not getting the ego even after great success is our Rajini Kanth and because of that only he is Super Star.

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