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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Rant!

Sometimes we are so naïve that we don’t realize that our loved ones are being such hideous hypocrites. I have been like that for almost my entire life. This time when I went to India, I was expecting a lot of things. Obviously, from the tone of this post, none of them came true. But some unexpected things came true. I had a good time chatting with my friend Sriram about various topics, like the education system in India, his activities, actor Vijay. But I only got to see him for two days. I am happy that I am being a good influence over him. Atleast that is what aunty says.

It was really uneasy to stay in my grandmother’s house this time. I don’t mind the living condition also. Actually they are quite fine. But people change a lot. And this is the first time I noticed how. People’s real character comes out when they are in some kind of financial trouble, This time they were in such a situation and therefore, the house was a bit dull. My uncles, aunt, grandma and grandpa all behaved differently towards us, because we refused to help them financially. A lot of politics is involved here, so I can’t really explain the reason here.

Previously, whenever I went to their house, there will be two or three servant girls. I’ll play with them in the evening when their work is finished. I really liked them and treated them as friends. Way back, in my mother’s time, there were 5-6 servant girls in our house to do both housework and business work. Their business is to make pattu dhoti (silk sarong). Then there were my cousins to play with too. The house will be full of noise as we play hide and seek, cards, carom and so on. What a contrast this time! My cousins are busy in their own lives. No servant girls anymore because they are already married and settled and there is also financial trouble. All I did was talk and talk.

Then one evening I heard a big fight going on in their house. It was terrible how they treat their daughter-in-law (my aunt). They asked her to go inside when the 'guys' were have a pretty bad discussion. They didn't even let her support her husband(my uncle). They were no longer the kind of kind people they supposedly portrayed. And all this happened while my parents were away. All this happened after my parents refused to help them. What an act in front of my parents! I should probably applaud. I don't even know whether becoming bankrupt has changed them or were they like this all the time. They used to buy me gifts. But none this time. I don't care so much for material possesions but I expect some form of affection from them.

I'm ranting a lot here, I know. But it's really saddening to know that the person you thought to be someone, is not that someone anymore. Especially if that person is your loved one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Darling...
Kalpana and me got our laptop from school today and we're soooooo happy!!Your blog was one of the first website we visited...r u touched?
Love you loads,
Kastu-pana:that's wat the kids call us when we're together...

Priya said...


Why are you anonymous? Haha:) That's a nice nick name, i guess. Cool, to get your own laptops. I wish I had one too. You both are doing grown-up works nowadays! Like setting exam papers for secondary school kids! Keep up jaans.

But please comment on the post. I would love it if you guys comment often about the issues I post here. You don't have to be regular but I will really appreciate your two cents' worth.

I am really happy that you peeps visited my blog first. Thanks jaans! I hope to see you both soon:)

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