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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ninaithu Ninaithu

Hi everyone! This is another song I sang (it is without music). I sang it just on impulse, although I wanted to do this song for a long time now. Exam stress really pushes one to do unusual stuff!

Movie Name: 7G Rainbow Colony
Song Title: Ninaithu Ninaithu
Original Singer: The wonderful Shreya Goshal!!

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You can download it here too.

Hey stay tuned to a surprise news!! It's not confirmed yet, but I will let you all know soon;P


Keerthi Vasan said...

Hi, lavender gal this is dkv along wid' ma fren' Revanth .We've listened your song.Coool.......... ha "what a voice she has" commented Revanth.

Anonymous said...

my god.. priya what r u doing in lf sc? u shud be tk up singing as proffesion! ene koral ma...isk! isk! jealous! haha

Anonymous said...

sorry... that comment abve was my ur angelic Chanchal who was mesmerised by ur voice till forgot to add nickname. =D

Priya said...

Thanks a lot Chanchal!! And there there!! No need to e jealous.. I have my times of good voice and times of bad voice. Ippo antha paatta paadinathu aprom enakku thonda kattiduchu;P Haha.

Comments from guys like you (Holmes and Chanchal) are what keep my fuel going!! Thanks again guys:)

Unknown said...

Amazing stuff!! Simply out of words!! ;)

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