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Monday, November 24, 2008

Exam comes today goes tmr ya!

Please please please... 8 days more to go!! For the end of my exams.. Sigh... Its so boring studying for exams... But its not so bad as last time, when I was cramming and stuyding for Biodiversity, Statistics and all.

Even though I took only 4 modules last semester, and had to sit for 3 papers only, I was really putting a lot of effort and all I got for a drop in my CAP. This time the prospects look better even when I'm taking 6 modules and have 4 papers to sit for.

25th Tue - Metabolism & Regulation
26th Wed - Tamil Studies I
27th Thurs - Introduction to World Religions
2nd Dec Tue - Molecular Biology

I had no exams for the other two modules I took, the experimental biochemistry and the SPS "experimental" module. Hoping to get atleast a B+ for both the modules, but not sure if my prospectives are that good. I'm hoping to get good grades in Tamil and World Religions modules at least. Not really sure of my core modules... Sigh.

To look back and ponder over, I have really learned a lot from this semester, both academically and personally. Academically, I've learned a lot about experimental techniques and how to manage my science projects well. Personally, I feel like my leadership abilities have been given a boost and my stress threshold has increased a 100-fold at least. I've still more to learn.


Madurai ponnu said...

hahaha.. 100 fold increase? rombe biochem influence theriyithu pola.
dont worry ma.. just one more week and WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! yippi-doooooodle-doooo =)

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