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Sunday, February 15, 2009

14th Feb...

Wow... Its been a long day! I felt that this day was my most useful day in my life. You must be thinking I'm going to talk about my Valentine's Day right? Haha. NO! In fact, I don't really celebrate, or would never even dream of celebrating something like a Valentine's Day! Come on! Why must they have a separate day for love, when it can be present anywhere, anytime?! Nevermind!

I was going to talk about this day, because from the morning at 9am till 9pm, I was constantly exposed to Hinduism, and nothing but Hinduism! We had a Lit & Lead Leadership course for our HS members and God! It was simply amazing to see the transformation take place right in front of your eyes. Kathir did a wonderful job and I actually felt a great sense of satisfaction after the workshop ended, which was around 1pm. It was simply a great unforgettable event for me in HS!

It all started with a idea that sparked in my mind back in November last year. I am really thankful to God for making my vision come true! At least one person would have benefited and his/her life changed for the best as a result of this workshop! That's more than enough for me. So after this workshop, Kathir, Susanth and I took a cab to Hindu Centre for our Hinduism class. On our way, we were so hyper and talking all along the way about the workshop and how it has turned out.

Again, the Hinduism class was a wonderful session. Later at 6, Susanth and I had dinner in Madhan's. We didn't have lunch at all, so had an early dinner at least. All the while during the dinner, Susanth and I were ranting to each other how the rest of those who missed the course lost something valuable! Its such an irritating thing! When people promise that they would come, and then they don't turn up without informing us, its just frustrating. I mean, think about those who make the effort and turn up for the event! What's up with these guys? They want CCA points, but just showing face doesn't work here! Susanth was so irritated, that all he wanted to do was sack the people, dissolve the HS committee and just move on with our lives! I guess that wouldn't happen at all, but he was that frustrated and disappointed with these people. He sent a one-liner message to everyone the next day: "I am utterly disappointed! Thanks a lot guys!"

After our dinner, we attended a talk on Kumbhabhishegam (Temple Consecrecation Ceremony). It was a very informative talk and I really gained a lot of insight from it. I finally understood the need to go to Temples and how is it that they all say that God resides in Temples! It was something marvellous, my eyes was opened during the talk! I now appreciate Temple Worship a lot and understand why this is still very much prevalent today.

I don't think Kalki has to come to save this world and the religion. If we do our part to keep Hinduism alive, we are all Kalki avatars!


Kalaivani said...

Hi Priya...
Nice comment about kalki avatars.I think Kalki avatars are not just who practice hinduism..
I think the more we learn about a religion, the less religious we become. Thats what happened to me.
After reading alot about hinduism, I just didnt have any interest about religion anymore. Religions is created to have a dharmic way of life. We don't need a man-made thing called religion to tell us what is right and wrong. Hinduism dont have to be a religion. It is a way of living a right kind of life. We should view it as a lifestyle not as a religion with fixed set of rules. One doesnt have to go to temples, wear the tiruneer, do rituals to be called a hindu etc. Just have a scientific rational mind, think good and do good.
True Kalki avatars, are people with scientific mind who destroy the injustic around them and protect the dharma.Not necessary have to be hindus...Thats why after a while i really have no affinity for any religions.

Priya said...

Hi Kalai!

Its true... I get what you mean. But if you had read correctly about Hinduism, you would become more like a Hindu, than religious; you would be going more often to Temples; you would be seeking Hindu dharma everytime you are stuck in life with some dilemma or problem... Hinduism is definitely a religion (depends on your definition), but it is ALSO more than a religion. Hinduism is also a philosophy, that is very applicable to your life even NOW! That is why it is called "Sanatana (Eternal) Dharma". If you had read correctly about Hinduism, then you would know why rituals are very important and why one should pray everyday.

Thinking and doing good can only make you a good ethical person. But to be a good Hindu, there is more to it than just thinking, speaking and doing good...

Its ok if you feel no affinity towards any religion right now. But I hope you still have affinity towards Hinduism ;) Haha.

For good books on Hinduism, the genuine traditional ones, read Chinmaya books. Look at their self-study plan and see which book you have to read first, as they have many books.

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