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Friday, September 16, 2011

(I would) Love to be in Love...

All of us have our dreams of our future life partner. We have many expectations. 

He should be a degree holder.
He should be an engineer.
He should be above 170cm in height.
He should be a Hindu.
He should be a ........

So many expectations....

But when we meet the right person and fall in love, all those expectations just go to the bin. 

Such a love is unconditional.

Will I be lucky enough to experience it? :)


Kasturi said...

I'm sure u will find the One for you dear.. And the both of you would be happy and enjoy all the ups and downs in life together.. All the Best!! I love you <3

Chanchal said...

For a minute I thought ada priyava persurathu when I saw " he should be a degree holder, he should be above 170cm.. hahaha dear u soooo cute!!!! miss u!

I am sure he is waiting somewhere out there without knowing how lucky he is going to be to have priya :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Priya,
I went through some of your posts. You have a beautiful mind, body and heart. You will find somebody worthy of you someday. However, the most important thing is you will not go insane if you are single your whole life, I can tell you this. :) :)

abcdefghaldfkadfadf said...

Hello Priya,

I am the 'Anonymous' from the above post (1 Jul 2012). :)

Apart from your goal of seeking the eternal reality, add 'teerthayatra' of ALL the teerthasthanas of India before death as a goal of your life. You will find like minded and lovely people there.

Moksha will come to you anyways even if you are born not as a hindu and more importantly do not get another shot as a human and that too with a sound mind, body and circumstances.

Moksha is not so valuable and not that difficult too. Osho, an enlightened soul, said it clearly. Gyanavatar Yukteshwar Giri, highly enlightened soul, cried before his death for the love of this mortal life. Change is what we are after in this or the other world. Anything when attained loses its charm. The path itself is the most exciting as we get to see more and more of the universe in an atom.

Spiritual evolution is unending. We will never reach an end. Moksha is the beginning of the journey.

Ignorance and Maya is a gift. The proper way to appreciate it is by listening to intuition, the true voice of our soul.

Love you dear,

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