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Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Fresh Start At Blogging

Writing is therapeutic. I've missed this therapy for a long time. I have taken a long break from blogging and writing things I care about. I wish to continue my blogging and so this will be my first blog entry of 2017, out of many more to come this year. 

The year has started off slowly, but we are already coming to the end of January 2017. Time flies when you don't really look at it. 

I left my job at Mazars and currently in the search for a new job. It is really a tough economic situation out there. I wish to find some work soon, because each day without work is one day wasted out of my life. I should be doing/helping/working on something of productive value. Being out of a job is frustrating, although I do get to work on things I've never had time to focus while I had been busy working previously. 

Writing is one such thing that I have missed doing. I have never been in the right frame of mind to sit down, slow down and then just type away. A new year has brought about new beginnings, along with it, some new resolutions as well. Now, I'm not going to list out my resolutions here. It is for me to know, and for no one to ever find out. Some things are best kept secret. Once it's out, it loses it's potency. So I'd rather keep my resolutions a secret :)

So here's to a Belated Happy New Year to All!! :)

And Gong Xi Fa Cai to my fellow Chinese friends!! :)


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