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Sunday, July 30, 2006

My productive weekend

What a weekend??!! I didn't go to school on thursday and friday. I don't regret it at all because I've done a lot of revision in this short span of time. Short, yet productive. I've managed to realise my weakpoints in Math and Chem. Just Bio and Phy to go. I'll finish them this week. And the week before prelims will be dedicated to turning my weakpoints into strengths. Nayway, i'm not that worried about my end results for prelims. I just want to do my best. My aim in this prelims is to learn my weakpoints and strengths. And most importantly, to recognise whatever mistakes I will make. And so, during A'levels, I can be very sure of what i'm doing.

I'm really happy to say that finally my parents are appreciating the path ive chosen for my career. At first they wanted me to do engineering, something professional. But again, what's the point?? I hate physics. Really hate it. I don't even know why i'm doing it now. I like it when I can understand the concepts and be amazed at it. But when it comes to applying what i've learned, it's very boring. But biology and chemistry are different. Just thinking about the DNA, the reactions that happen in the molecular level in our body. It's just amazing. I visualize them everytime i learn about them. And they never fail to amaze me.

Kasturi, Kalpana... I have something to tell you people. Thanks for being there for me. You guys are pillars of strength to me. I've got something else to tell you guys. But tmr...


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