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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something Something Review

Hello, i'm back with a movie review of Something Something Unakkum Enakkum (ssue). Just thought of doing so. It's not going to be a detailed one. And i won't reveal the plot in case some of you have not seen this movie. The main characters are done by 'Jeyam' Ravi, Trisha,'Chinna Thambi' Prabhu and Bhagyaraj. This movie is worth watching just for the fun of it. The story is good, the songs are fantastic. The movie was a hit in Telugu.

But i had a great disappointment when i was watching the movie half way through. It was a replica of an old hindi movie, 'Maine Pyar Kiya'. It was Salman khan's first movie and the actress was a new face. Maine pyar kiya was my favourite childhood movie. I used to watch it for so many times until the casette was spoiled! I want to watch the movie now too, but couldn't find a renting shop which has the movie. Must go to India i guess. The movie in hindi was so super hit, that it was dubbed in English and Spanish. Even now you can find the songs in Spanish. All the songs in the movie are hit songs. No wonder, the tamil version is also good. Except that there are a few differences here and there in the movie.

If i were to tell the story in two short lines, here is how it goes: An american/london hero falls in love with a village girl. He has to win the heart of the girl's brother to ask her hand in marriage. In the case of the hindi movie it was an american guy, and in the case of the tamil movie it was a london guy. In the hindi movie it was the girl's father and in the tamil movie it is the girl's brother. That is all the difference. But the plot is exactly the same.

The story is so sentimental/emotional. There is the sentiment of romance, sentiment of brother/sister love and so on. The villains totally suck! In this movie, i only enjoyed the comedy and the songs. Half way through the movie, i already knew how the story was going to end, so there was no suspense as far as it concerns me. But i think for those who have never heard of the story and have never seen the hindi movie, would like the suspense. The comedy was also not done by people like vivek or vadivel. It was this telugu guy, i think. Don't know his name. But he was good. The story gets better after the first half. Not like other movies, in which you would not want to sit and watch the other half too because the first half totally sucked. I think one can watch this movie throughout without stopping and forwarding until the end. Of course, i had no choice when watching in the theater. Also, in certain instances in the movie, logic and reasoning failed. I think you will know where and when once you watch the movie.

I have here a song from Maine Pyar Kiya. It is my favourite song. I like the Antakshari song very much. But i couldn't find it in Youtube. In this song, the hero wants the girl to go out with him in the evening. She says, 'You go, i'll come'. But whenever she tries to escape up to the room to get ready to go out with Salman, she meets up with an obstacle. At last she never ends up going out with him.


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