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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The 'Feel-Good' Factor

I have never realised how difficult it is for Malays and Indian Muslims in Singapore to find food in public restaurants and hawker centres that is halal. I have just realised that most of the stores like 7-eleven, Cheers, outside so-called 'dhabas' have food produced by muslim companies/suppliers. Halal, according to wikipedia, means 'permissible', mostly refering to food. The Malays here prefer halal food and most of them have no problem finding a muslim food stall in hawker centres and food courts. The other races are sensitive towards the Malays, and have also made their stalls certified as halal.

The 'feeling-good' moment we experience is nothing but the release of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, in our brains. I think that this neurohormone gets released in me quite frequently whenever I listen to A.R.Rahman's songs. Not all of his songs. But some of his songs, which is like almost three-quarters of the number of songs he has produced. So I have made a podcast on him. I have not praised overly. I have also pointed to his poor performances in a few of his films like Tehzeeb and Udhaya. But honestly, most of his songs are really good, that even non-indians seem to like his music.



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