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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Akkam Pakkam...

Hi. This recoring turned out so well for me. But unfortunately, the echo was really getting way out of hand and does not suit the song. But pls bear with while you listen. I don’t know how to correct the mistake and let it be that way. Thanks for listening:)

Song: Akkam Pakkam
Film: Kreedom
Original Singer: Sadhana Sargam

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Anonymous said...

I am assuming you sang the song, though you didn't mention that in your post. You have a lovely voice and good rhythm.

And what happened to your reason blog? Did I blabber too incoherently there? Anyway thats no reason to stop blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hi Subhash! Where is your blog pa? I can't find it. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I sang it. Something went wrong with the echo thing and I didn't want to do it all over again. So just left it that way.

I just don't have time nowadays to blog. My blogs are dead for a while now. They will be resurrected in December when my exams will be over:) I didn't stop blogging because of your comments pa... Haha. I'm just crapping there, and I don't take all my comments so seriously.

Anonymous said...

Gasquet is playing like crap. So my blog is gone for now. When he beats the shit out of Djokovic and Nadal, it will come back to life. That will be next year.

Anonymous said...

Heya, this is Holmes. Really this one of your's was excellent, but the only drawback was with echo. Any way, you have a wonderful voice.

Priya said...

Thanks dear holmes!! Haha. DKV, I know it is you!! Who else will be Sherlock Holmes. I promise, I'll do better next time:)

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